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Where To Find Vegan Food In Greece

Are you wondering what vegan food is available in Greece as you plan your trip there? Over 20 eateries in Athens are entirely vegan, and many more provide vegan choices. You can avoid missing out on anything by reading this guide to the top vegan restaurants in Greece and where to discover vegan versions of traditional Greek food. Here are some of the best places in Greece to find vegan food, including vegan souvlaki (gyros) prepared with mushrooms and all-vegan moussaka with coconut bechamel. Keep reading to know more about the restaurants!

  1. Cookoo Mela Grill
    The main goal of Cookoomela is to spread the delicious flavors of the Mediterranean plant-based diet. They prioritize organic ingredients and environmentally conscious vendors while choosing their ingredients from small growers. Cookoomela uses environmentally friendly cleaning products in addition to recyclable and biodegradable packaging. From the White & Classic (mushroom, tzatziki, tomatoes, onion, parsley, and potatoes) to the Rainbow Supreme, which is the chef’s top-secret creation, they offer a variety of gyros.
  2. Mama Tierra Athens
    Athens’s newest vegetarian and vegan restaurant, Mama Tierra, delivers quick, wholesome meals all day. To showcase the wide range of vegetarian and vegan cuisine to the general public was one of the key motivations behind the founding of Mama Tierra. This is demonstrated by chef and co-owner Polash Alam, who originally comes from multiethnic cuisine and combines flavors from the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. Many of the components come from small, regional farmers and are organic. You’ll learn that wholesome, high-quality food can be affordably priced at Mama Tierra.
  3. Veganaki
    Traditional Greek street cuisine is available at Veganaki in vegan form. You can stop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner since they are open all day. In addition to pita wraps, sandwiches, salads, classic savory pies in various flavors, beer, wine, coffee, tea, and other beverages, Veganaki also sells sweets. There are also several gluten-free choices available. The actual café is fairly modest but has a great terrace and some interior rooms. The terrace is near a busy street, so it’s best for seasoned city dwellers or early in the day when there’s less traffic. The environment is cozy and serene inside. Greek and English menu items are offered. They employ biodegradable and throwaway packaging, as well as fair trade coffee.
  4. Vegan Beat
    Between Syntagma and Monastiraki square, at number 56 on Perikleous street, is where you’ll find The Vegan Beat. Of course, there will be a vegan burger there, but there will also be a mushroom skewer, tonnes of chocolates, and other treats. It is a great option even if you are not vegan or seeking nice food in the region because it might be difficult to find something truly excellent and affordable. It is the perfect introduction for those who want to explore the fascinating and inventive world of plant-based food!
  5. Happy Blender
    Happy Blender is the ideal place to unwind after a long day of sightseeing because of its convenient location close to the Acropolis and in the middle of a flea market. The Juice Bar-Vegan Restaurant Happy Blender is far from the Ancient Agora. In front of your eyes, they blend fresh fruit and vegetables to create delectable juices. They also provide rich Smoothies and Bowls that will give you energy, with the ACAI bowl being the most popular. Another highlight of Happy Blender is authentic Greek yogurt with homemade toppings, served not just for breakfast but at other times of the day.




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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Where To Find Vegan Food In Greece
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