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Best Spots For Photos In Athens

In addition to being the country’s capital and largest city, Athens is also home to several incredibly Instagrammable locations. Considering its stunning features and the famous historical sites that can be located on almost every street corner, Athens is a tremendously photogenic city. To serve as a resource for anyone considering a trip to the city, we’ve put together this list of the Top 5 Best Photography Spots in Athens. Amateurs and professional photographers alike will love our guide to Athens’ greatest photo locations if they wish to take stunning pictures for Instagram or their portfolio.

  1. Propylaea at the Acropolis
    Propylaea is the Greek word for magnificent gates or gateways to important locations, such as temples. In light of this, this specific propylaea served as the primary gateway to the ancient fortification known as the Acropolis. It has enormous marble and limestone columns, and the entire building is a lovely reflection of what Athens might have been like in its heyday. The Acropolis is a fantastic place to visit in Athens because it is home to numerous famous historical sites all in one convenient area.
  2. Herodion at the Acropolis
    Another place among the best photo locations in Athens is the Herodion, which is situated on the Acropolis. A huge open-air theater, the Herodion is also known as the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. The theater, composed of stone, was initially constructed for musical concerts. The Herodion can accommodate approximately 4,500 people and has characteristic Roman architecture. The Herodion is still used for performances and festivals today and is regarded as one of the largest outdoor theaters in the entire world.
  3. Parthenon at the Acropolis
    One of Greece’s best-known sites, not just Athens, is the Parthenon on the Acropolis. Among the most significant structures from Classical Greece that is still intact is the Parthenon. The Parthenon is a must-visit location on this list of the best spots in Athens for Instagram because of its historical significance and stunning architecture, which draw tourists worldwide. Standing close to the monument at the corners is advised to take some incredible pictures using the architecture to generate some interesting angles for your Instagram photo. The Parthenon photographs beautifully from all angles.
  4. Erechtheion at the Acropolis
    The Erechtheion, also on the Acropolis, comes in second on the list of the greatest locations for photography in Athens. The Erechtheion, like the Parthenon, was a temple erected in homage to the goddess Athena. The Erechtheion is different from the Parthenon in that it is a much smaller temple and has more distinctive architecture than other traditional Greek structures normally have. The Erechtheion is asymmetrical, in contrast to the Parthenon, which is symmetrical. This difference has led some historians to hypothesize that the Erechtheion was a portion of a much larger structure that was either never built or was irreparably damaged. Among the best photo locations in Athens is the Erechtheion because of its distinctive architecture.
  5. Plaka Neighborhood
    Plaka Neighborhood is just around the corner from the Acropolis. One of the best places to take pictures in Athens is Plaka, which has several stunning streets and hidden jewels. One of the best things about photographing Plaka is that you may take stunning pictures just by strolling around and taking in everything it offers. Every block is lined with old stores and cafes and has winding cobblestone streets, so you’ll have plenty of chances to take photos that look well on Instagram. You’re guaranteed to appreciate a stroll around this lovely neighborhood because Plaka feels like a peaceful refuge amidst Athens’ bustle.




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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Best Spots For Photos In Athens
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