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Best Medical Colleges In South America

MBBS is often considered one of the most sought-after professions for students. The field has many subdisciplines in its bounty that helps candidates embark upon an illustrious career path without second thoughts. Here we will discuss the best medical colleges in South America, which will help aspirants carve a niche for themselves in this field.

  1. Universidade de São Paulo
    USP is one of Brazil’s oldest universities, founded in 1934. This institution ranks higher among its compatriots for its notable higher research institutes in medical study. The USP has reduced lecture time while investing time in mentoring clinical reasoning and conversations. Universidade de São Paulo maintains the balance between the necessity of research and scientific footing for medical practice. At the same time, it ensures that students gain valuable insights and strengthen their scientific foundations.

  2. Lincoln American University
    LAU has gained widespread recognition across the globe and offers opportunities to explore all its avenues. The medical degree acquired from this college will enhance your chances of landing a job not only in your native country but worldwide. The primary reason for admission to this institution is that it maintains its global rightfulness. Apart from this, LAU’s medical syllabus is accredited by the National Accreditation Council of Guyana, The World Directory Of Medical Schools, The Medical Council of Canada, and many more, which in itself is a great feat for an institute.

  3. Catholic University Of Chile
    The Catholic University of Chile was established on June 21, 1888, by the Archbishop Of Santiago and Monsignor Mariano Casanova. It is one of the top three medical schools in Chile. This academy is known for consistently placing in the top 5% of global institutions. It is also deemed one of the most outstanding educational institutes in terms of quality. If you are serious about pursuing a medical career, consider this institution due to its global recognition.

  4. Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico
    The National Autonomous University of Mexico was founded in 1551 and is both South America’s and Mexico’s most prominent, largest, and most affordable college. NAUM has tied up with the 3 Nobel Laureates, one in chemistry, one in peace, and the last in literature. Many famous journalists and 5 Mexican presidents are alumni of this school of education.

  5. University Of Buenos Aires
    The UBA, or the Universidad De Buenos Aires is located in Buenos Aires. This medical college ranks among the best universities because of its top-notch education. Graduates from this college are in high demand amongst Argentinian corporations and the global circle due to the excellent teaching standards followed by the institute.

  6. Universidad Nacional De Colombia
    The order of the Colombian Parliament established the National University Of Colombia in 1867. Since then, it has established itself as a prominent school for higher education. The institute has 430 academic programs taught by competent professors making it Latin America’s most sought-after university.

  7. Universidad De Chile
    Chile University was established in 1843 and is touted as one of the oldest higher educational institutions. One of the primary goals of the institute is to generate, communicate, and integrate information in all parts of civilization and research. This university is placed 392nd among the global medical colleges and offers a multitude of disciplines for students to choose from.

  8. Universidad Estadual Paulista
    The Universidade Estadual Paulista was founded in 1976 and has earned the reputation of being a well-known and respected medical college in Latin America. Excellent staff, an accredited syllabus, research, and research activities make this school of education the best among its compatriots. UNESP has numerous campuses and a variety of contemporary and modern art, artifacts, museums, historical sites, zoos, libraries, and clinics, making it one of the top choices for admission.


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