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Heartbeat –The Center of Your Smart Home Ecosystem


We all know that electricity prices are increasing daily; people are now installing solar panels and storage batteries to save their electrical bills. However, the installation and management of these solar panels and batteries can be pricy. Other than this, solar panels can be huge and chunky. They are known to destroy the look of the house.

Now you don’t need to work because Heartbeat is the perfect device that can save energy and allows you to be a little light on your bank account. However, only a few people are aware of this device, so here we will be learning everything about it and how you can use it in your household to save energy. So, let’s dive into the article filled with knowledge.

What is a Heartbeat?

Heartbeat is a small device that is used to save energy. This is designed in such a way that integrates the element of the household energy system and manages all of it in one single place.

The Heartbeat is developed by a German company name 1KOMMA5. This is based on the technology that helps to capture all the energy and maximize the efficiency and also helps with saving it.

Since electrical energy is becoming more volatile, it becomes imperative that there is a way through which you can save energy. It helps to discharge the grid and put it in the right place. It also saves electricity and reduces the amount of electricity on the bill.

How Does The Heartbeat Work To Save Energy?

In the past and even now, it is seen that the different electrical systems in the house, such as the PV system, solar battery, EV charging setup, heat pump, and other things, will work independently. This means the electrical grid of every system is different from each other, and making them work together needs a lot of hard work. This requires a lot of technical expertise, and the homeowner needs to be very attentive to the manual control of the electrical usage of the devices.

Here the Heartbeat technology comes into action. Heartbeat is based on intelligent technology that links the different electrical devices together through the Heartbeat Platform. The Platform then allows the electrical flow from the rooftop to and from the grid. Then from the grid, the electricity moves to the house, which makes it the best thing for your solar energy.

How To Setup The Heartbeat?

The Heartbeat uses the house’s internet connection to link the different devices together. Then these devices occur on the dashboard of the Heartbeat app. Through this application, you will have all the system overviews, and you can have complete control over the Heartbeat app.

The Heartbeat device has its own self-learning algorithm and even a weather forecast system. These two systems allow you to understand the level of the production of solar energy and also allow you to understand the way this solar power will be utilized throughout the home.

Since Heartbeat is based on artificial intelligence, the working of this device is spot on. This device wisely distributes the power around the house and takes back the excess power to the grid, so there is no wastage of solar power.

How Can Heartbeat Benefit you?

  1. Following are some fantastic features of the Heartbeat and the reasons why it is so beneficial to install in homes and offices.
  2. Heartbeat allows you to unleash the maximum potential of the home energy system.
  3. It helps to integrate the different devices and appliances in your home and connect them to a single, smart management system.
  4. It allows the user to keep complete track of the usage and the wastage of energy and also helps you keep control of it.
  5. The best thing about the Heartbeat is that it allows you to save a lot of money and makes your electricity bill as low as possible.
  6. The Heartbeat also helps decrease the carbon production that happens when electricity is used.

How Does Heartbeat Help With Electrical Vehicle Charging?

Another vital role of Heartbeat is that it helps in EV charging. We all know that petrol is also becoming very expensive. Therefore, with the solar panels in your home and the Heartbeat system installed in your home, you can quickly charge your EVs at home. The Heartbeat manages the electricity and makes it enough for you to charge your cars properly. Hence, you are not only saving money on electricity bills, but you are also saving money from getting fuel for your cars.

The Perfect Solution To The Electrical Crisis:

We are all aware that the prices of electricity are starting every day, especially in Australia; the prices have increased by about 20%. It is also predicted that the pricing will increase to about 50%.

This can have an extreme effect on the bills, and people will have to pay heaps of money just for electricity. Another problem that is occurring is the enhanced rate of the production of coal. This is because of the coal-fired power plants and even due to the production of electricity that causes carbon fumes. This can have a terrible effect on the environment and can cause immense catastrophe to the atmosphere of the earth.

Therefore, the only solution that is not available to tackle these problems is Heartbeat. German firm 1Komma5 is buying Australian market leader in solar panel and battery installation Natural Solar for an undisclosed sum. According to Business insider, this. Tesla, the developer of electric vehicles, and Natural Solar, which installs the solar power storage solutions on the vehicles, are significant partners in Australia. Philipp Schröder, the creator of 1Komma5, formerly served as Musk’s manager.

Chris Williams of Natural Solar, Micha Grueber - CFO & Co-Founder 1KOMMA5° and Philipp Schröder - CEO 1KOMMA5°
Chris Williams of Natural Solar, Micha Grueber – CFO & Co-Founder 1KOMMA5° and Philipp Schröder – CEO 1KOMMA5°

His company installs and maintains heat pumps, electricity storage, solar systems, and infrastructure for fast charging. Schroder’s startup buys and combines neighborhood craft companies in order to grow.

We know that in this world where everything is getting expensive, people are trying very hard to make ends meet. Heartbeat understands this; therefore, this is the perfect system that will reduce your electricity expenditure and electricity bills. Heartbeat is the most innovative device that should be present in every house.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Heartbeat –The Center of Your Smart Home Ecosystem
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