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Be Fearless: Launching Your Business with Boldness

Fear of failure can be a great motivator. I am inherently a risk-taker. However, I’m a risk-taker who does his research, whether it’s about launching a business or jumping out of a plane. Maintaining a positive mindset allows me to be driven by fear rather than paralyzed by it. I've...
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Highest Paid Female Tennis Players

Tennis is probably one of the biggest sports in the world with a huge fan following. The non-team sport is either played in Singles or Doubles and is one of the most viewed sporting events across the continents. What makes Tennis truly special is that both Men and Women enjoy...
Bill Treasurer
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The Three Oaths of a Leader

Leadership is about getting results. The whole point of leadership is to produce outcomes that didn’t exist before. And those outcomes are much more likely to happen when the leader and those being led are fully committed to making those outcomes happen. That commitment has to start with the leader.   ...
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