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Migrating to Another Country? Everything you Need To Do Before you Leave

Living in another country is a challenge in itself, not to mention that, in most cases, it is combined with a new job, new office, colleagues, etc. There are three things you should do before you go, and we strongly suggest all three of them.

  1. Learn the language
    We start with learning the language because this is probably the thing that will demand the most time for you to accomplish it. Knowing the language of the place you are about to go is crucial. One of the most important cultural gaps between you and the people you will meet is the language.

    If you are a native speaker of the English language things may be a little easier since most people know English and you will at least be able to communicate about the basics. However, don’t get lazy because of that. Knowing the language that locals speak will add so much to your experience. You will get to understand their jokes and culture, and you will be able to bond with them. Besides, it is more likely that they will like you if you try to speak their language and embrace their civilization.

  2. Find accommodation before landing
    When the company transfers you to another country, it is probably them who has to take care of the accommodation part. However, in many cases, people leave on their own or find a new job where the company is unwilling to go into the trouble of caring for employees’ housing. Many people are torn regarding their options for accommodation. They are afraid that committing to a contract for a house that they have not even since is not wise, and they prefer to stay in a hotel for the first weeks until they find a house that will meet their expectations.

    The reality is that all the new stuff that you will have to face will need your time and focus. Having to care about roofing as well will just be overwhelming. It is better to have secured a safe place for living and live the small things when you are finally at your destination. It is also a good idea to ask the opinion of your new colleagues regarding the area and its safety since they will be more familiar with the situation going on in their own country. Leaving everything for the last minute will stress you out, so it is better safe than sorry.

  3. What you take and what you leave
    Moving to a foreign country permanently means you are also moving from your house. So apart from the things you have to consider about the next step in your life, you have to take a second and see how you will move out. Paying someone to do the job for you is a part of the deal, but you will have to devote some time to see what you want to keep. Starting with categorizing everything would be a good idea. Label your stuff as ”pack,” ”sell,” donate,” and ”store.” You don’t have to deal with selling them yourself; leave clear directions regarding what you want to do with them, and remember you don’t always have to be generous and donate everything. If you have a unique piece of art sitting in your living room, perhaps it is better to sell it.

    When it comes to traveling, you have to see what you are allowed to bring with you to the airport. People not from the United States often get surprised when they travel to the States for the first time since food, seeds, and other stuff are not allowed to be brought into the country.

    This restriction is crucial since they do not want to contaminate local species with bags from different countries. There have been many cases where vegetation was destroyed due to that. Therefore, checking the policy of each country is essential. The last tricky detail is electronics. There are three different types of sockets around the world, and if you are about to need a charger for your mobile, you have to make sure you have the proper equipment.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Migrating to Another Country? Everything you Need To Do Before you Leave
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