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Finding the Best Printer for Your Small Business

Did you know that 50% of businesses would not be able to operate without their office printer? With digital documentation on the rise, it may seem like the need for printed paper is a thing of the past, but for businesses in the auto, law, and finance fields, that is the opposite of the truth. These businesses can print upwards of a hundred pages per day, and rely on their printers to help complete their important daily tasks.

If digital documentation is increasing in popularity, why is it that many businesses still choose to print physical copies? Well, studies have shown that people actually learn more from printed paper than they do from digital ones. Printed paper encourages longer attention spans and stronger working memory, which can be very important when clients are looking over contracts or other important documents from a business. Paper trails are also very important in some fields, and so businesses benefit from keeping digital records as well as physical ones to refer back to.

Small businesses utilizing printers so much each day can pose problems, though. If you have owned a printer in the past, then you know how expensive ink toner cartridges can be. Cartridges need to be replaced often, either after they are used up or once they expire. Less than 50% of these cartridges are reused or recycled after they are used and can cause major problems for the environment. 

 Aside from environmental concerns, some printers can actually pose a security threat.Many internet-connected printers are unsecured, leaving the entire network of a business vulnerable to potential cybersecurity threats. In fact, 2021 saw attacks on devices double, with many businesses experiencing serious consequences.

What’s more, many small business owners make the mistake of purchasing consumer grade printers rather than investing in a small business printer. While consumer-grade printers are a cheaper option and can be found at most office supply stores, they are not meant to keep up with the needs of a small business. As a result, 53% of owners own printers that break once a month or more. This can lead to significant costs when looking to either repair or replace the printer. While waiting for repairs, documentation is stalled and can lead to serious back-ups within businesses that rely on printed papers. 

To keep your business running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, it is important to make informed decisions on what kind of printer would be the best for your company.

Many business owners often turn to laser printing when they purchase a business printer. These printers do not use the ink cartridges traditional printers use, and are a much cheaper and sustainable option for companies that need to print hundreds of papers each day. Additionally, laser toner does not dry up or expire over time, so even if you don’t go through cartridges as fast, you don’t have to worry about spending money to replace old cartridges. If your business is printing hundreds of papers each day, it is important to make sure there is no risk of ink cartridges running out, and laser printers can guarantee that.

Another important aspect of a business printer is the warranty. Consumer-grade printers have little to no warranty period, meaning if they break after a few weeks or months, owners are left to either buy a whole new one or spend the money to repair it. Shopping directly from a business printer manufacturer’s website provides the best warranty, shipping, and support. These printers are also made of much more durable materials and are sustainable in even the most high use businesses. Durable doesn’t have to mean bulky either, with most models being a compact size easy to transport and relocate as your business grows. 

Many business printers also have access to cloud services, and can be password protected to add a layer of security. Access to the cloud means that multiple employees can use the device and can create a printer network within the office for sharing resources and documents. If there are any security risks, the printer can automatically reboot once the risk is detected, ensuring the safety of the network. 

Investing in a high-quality business printer can ensure that your small business is staying on top of their documentation and running as efficiently as possible. With so much already taking up your time on a daily basis, avoid having to add any more stress by finding the best printer for your business needs. 

Written by Brian Wallace.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Finding the Best Printer for Your Small Business
Brian Wallace
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