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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Erica McMillan, 10xCEO/Founder, Serial Entrepreneur, and Contemporary Statement Artist Shares Her Take on What Success Means

CEO Spotlight

Erica McMillan, 10xCEO/Founder, Serial Entrepreneur, and Contemporary Statement Artist Shares Her Take on What Success Means

What does success mean to you? To renowned serial entrepreneur and CEO, Erica McMillan, success is at the intersection of when your talents meet what makes you happy in life. Erica shares that the following quote by Michelangelo perfectly defines what success means to her. “Your gifts lie in the place where your values, passions, and strengths meet. Discovering that place is the first step toward sculpting your masterpiece, Your Life.”

Erica is an innovator, leveraging her experience and skills to better her life while helping others. She believes in building a career around what you are passionate about which will help you nurture your love for the business, and it will feel like you never work a day in your life.

Erica is also an artist, wife, and mother. A woman of many hats, Erica doubles as a business expert and artist/owner of CJV Fine Art Gallery. 

According to Erica, attaining your goals starts with working towards them. She notes that nothing is impossible with a plan and desire to succeed. In addition to founding and taking on the CEO role of her many businesses, Erica is a well-known online visibility guru strategist and sought-after publicist but only achieved this by knowing what she wanted and deciding to fight for her dreams. 

Erica describes herself as a dreamer who dreams her innovations and then innovates her dreams. She believes that while the future is unforeseeable, one of the best ways to predict what’s to come is to create it, act on it, and believe in it.  

“Creating is more than a passion for me; it’s at the core of my soul. Whether developing a new methodology for my business or trying out a different art technique, it’s the process of creating that I live for – the ideas that keep me up at night propel me to discover, design, invent, produce, and give life to something new.”

To Erica, success also means helping others succeed. She shares that as thrilling as it is for her to invent, it is equally as thrilling to share her innovative techniques with others, especially small business owners and entrepreneurs so that they can too experience maximum online exposure resulting in explosive brand awareness and growth. These are techniques she has mastered in her own ventures and ones she has been helping hundreds of industry leaders to perfect. With Erica’s distinctive visibility campaigns, those she works with have access to her proprietary method which results in her clients being established as the authority in their field.

Two of Erica’s thriving businesses, McMillan Method and Done For You PR, both invitation-only media relations networks that work together to provide exclusive access and a one-of-a-kind service to its members. Fueled by the priceless power of publicity, Erica has created the most unique offering that takes search engine optimization, branding, and digital marketing to a whole new level. With Erica as the CEO, strategic advisor, and publicist, those lucky enough to join her program get a chance to receive an extraordinary kind of colossal online exposure that differentiates, disrupts, and dominates.

As she continues to prosper in business and art, Erica is also impacting and saving lives with her unique invention that has become the #1 must-have for kids’ safety. Through her company Alert Me Bands, she is helping caregivers and parents protect their loved ones with this unique, one-of-a-kind simple solution to keeping kids safe while creating awareness for special needs. These kids’ id bracelets are easy for adults to put on but impossible for children to take off. It’s also the only fully customizable childproof emergency wristband that not only communicates who to call in an emergency, but also communicates medical, allergy, or special needs alerts. 

She is using her passion to impact lives and empower other entrepreneurs by sharing her proven strategies to help people and businesses flourish and dominate. Erica is a writer for Entrepreneur Leadership Network, an exclusive program where selected industry experts share their tips with readers across the globe. Erica was also invited and selected to be on the exclusive Forbes Business Council because of her depth and diversity of experience, and proven track record as an online branding and visibility strategist creating innovative marketing campaigns that propel her client’s business to the next level.

Erica encourages other entrepreneurs not to give up, noting that failure is there to help you avoid making similar future mistakes. She says, “Rather than spending a lot of time on the outcome, use the situation to become better and improve your strategies. Envision what you want and use the power of positive thought to believe it is inevitable. “The Law of Attraction is powerful and is a tool I use to 10x my goals in business, art, and life.” She also emphasizes the importance of believing in your ideas and your capabilities. “When you are confident in your work, people trust your business,” says Erica.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Erica McMillan, 10xCEO/Founder, Serial Entrepreneur, and Contemporary Statement Artist Shares Her Take on What Success Means
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