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Here’s How to Manifest Prosperity by Understanding Your Brain

Allyson Roberts

We all have two choices. React to the world and all of its circumstances, or choose the conscious path of responding. In every moment of every day, we are allowed to decide which path we take. The one where we are the victim of things we don’t like or agree with, or the creative one where we visualize, wait, and listen for inspired action. Then, take that action to build our desired life.

When I was homeless and living in my car, it’s safe to say that I was at rock bottom. In college and fighting for my survival, I went through my last $1.76 quickly. Admittedly, I first walked down the path of a pity party. I felt and believed I was powerless.

Then, because of the kindness of a substitute teacher, everything started to shift almost overnight, when I discovered the writing of Napoleon Hill. I tweaked his philosophies to fit my narrative and started building prosperity in my mind which, in turn, materialized abundance quickly. You might be wondering how I was able to do this. I’m going to share my process with you here.

Here are 3 Steps to Manifest Prosperity: 

  1. Take a Hard Look at Your Money Story.
    The first step if you want to build prosperity in your life, is taking a hard look at your money story. You also must accept that your story about money may not be your story. When we are born, our parents decide a lot on our behalf, and that includes our relationship with money. We are told stories about money as children that aren’t even our own.

    We hear things like, “Money is hard to come by,” or, “Money is the root of all evil,” or, “You have to work hard for money,” or, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Any version of these types of narratives is based on lack, and being powerless with money.

    It’s not possible to believe these stories about money and manifest prosperity at the same time. Therefore, the first step is to take an inventory of all your beliefs about abundance and be willing to divorce those that stand in the way of manifesting prosperity.

  2. Decide Exactly What You Want.
    The next step is to take the time and space to decide exactly what it is you want. While this may sound easy, many people have no idea exactly what their heart desires. Most are building a life trying to fix something in the past instead of being the architect of a future where they are living their happiest and best life.

    To do this, we must take the time to build our vision in our minds from a heart space. The more detailed, the better the result. A great way to do this is to sit quietly, listen to music that moves you, and journal until your vision feels complete.

  3. Commit To Your Vision.
    Commitment is key. Bottomline, if you aren’t seeing results, you aren’t committing to your vision. You see, the brain has receptors known as neurotransmitters. These connectors carry our stories from our subconscious to our consciousness. What visualization does is replace old transmitters with new ones. This process is called neuroplasticity.

    When we are in this process, the more we can visualize our future as if it’s already happened, the faster and more effective the outcome. This is because your subconscious doesn’t know time. So, when you’re sitting in your new home feeling completely peaceful in your vision, your brain believes it’s already happening. Then, it goes to work matching what you visualize. It seeks evidence of the vision.

While this is very elementary, it’s enough to help you understand that visualizing isn’t just a spiritual practice, it’s also scientific. 

In summary, if you want prosperity, you must understand that your current money situation is the result of every thought and emotion that you’ve ever experienced. This has created millions of neurotransmitters in your brain. The great news is that it won’t take you the same amount of years to create prosperity, especially with a daily commitment to your vision. For the best results, wake in the morning and begin your day with your future self. Before you know it, you’ll be sitting inside your dream life trying to convince the naysayers that science works.

Written by Allyson Roberts.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - Here’s How to Manifest Prosperity by Understanding Your Brain

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Allyson Roberts
Allyson Roberts a cognitive-behavioral expert and author and the Founder of Unapologetic Power LLC. She has created best-selling programs including Stop Shilting on Yourself, Painless Pivots to Power and Unapologetic Power. Recently, Allyson was recognized by Feedspot, a Forbes affiliate, in their designation of Top 100 Coaches in the World. Her newest book, Amazon bestseller, The Spiritual Journey, released in June 2022.

Allyson Roberts is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with her through LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s website.