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How He Built It: Dr. Jay Feldman & The Fastest Growing PR Firm in the US

Dr. Jay Feldman

No tutorial or guidebook exists that will teach one how to successfully create a million-dollar firm. In the age of eBooks and digital libraries, authors have molded their stories into inspirational guides on how to build, create, and manage the “next big thing.” 

Dr. Jay Feldman did not follow a book — he crafted his own journey — and each step in the process was a building block toward success. Dr. Feldman is the co-founder of Otter PR, the fastest-growing public relations firm in the United States. To carry that title, Dr. Feldman knew the company’s brand had to be inspired by tenacity, experience, and passion. He brought these qualities to the company with a high-volume, high-energy, and fast-paced approach, building the brand and sustaining its operating model by reducing human error, integrating a people-oriented approach to business, and visualizing the goals before taking action.

Otter PR offers a range of services to the client. For instance, a client may want to build their professional brand, but knows they lack the framework or a solid step-by-step approach to do so successfully. Others may want to focus on building their own personal brand, or get the word out about a start-up company that can bring new meaning to social responsibility. 

When it comes to Otter PR, although, Jay Feldman built the brand because he lived the brand. As a physician with a business-driven philosophy, he realized that simply caring for the patient left a void in his accomplishments. While he greatly loved improving patients’ health and wellness, he realized that brand-building is not a core function of the medical field. 

In contrast, public relations offers brands an opportunity to build their platforms without an inherent need for creative appeal. Dr. Jay Feldman’s work in building Otter PR exemplifies this, bringing innovation, creativity, and a quirky attitude to the industry while sustaining the professional brand profile expected when speaking on behalf of a major company. He built his company’s brand based on an idea, an opportunity, and a transition from the medical field to the competitive space in order to pursue his dream of connecting business with people.

Just as no journey has an end, no true passion ever fully fades away. Dr. Feldman was able to build Otter PR’s brand based on this philosophy. As a physician, he understands the importance of relaxation and the capacity to step away from work and shift focus to the self. As co-founder of the fastest-growing PR firm in the US, he fully understands the dedication and commitment it takes to successfully build a brand into an award-winning company. 

When asked if he plans to take a break from continuing to build his company’s brand, Dr. Feldman believes that the time for relaxation will come. Though, for now, his passion remains focused on committing to the next goal, connecting with the next client, and highlighting the next void in improving public relations for the betterment of the client and the communities served.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - How He Built It: Dr. Jay Feldman & The Fastest Growing PR Firm in the US

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