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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Kirk Cooper: From High School Teacher to Amazon eCommerce Wiz

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Kirk Cooper: From High School Teacher to Amazon eCommerce Wiz

Teaching is a life-long passion for Kirk Cooper, founder, and CEO of Ecom Automation Gurus. But these days, instead of finding Cooper inside a classroom instructing high school students preparing for the SATs, he can be found mentoring busy professionals on how to master the art of Amazon eCommerce. 

It’s a career change that many people can either relate to or aspire to. After years of laboring hard to help kids get through high school, Cooper was suffering from burnout. 

“I just felt like I was caught up in the rat race,” he said of his career in teaching. “I was over-trading time for money and tired of making just enough to support my family.”

Cooper loved teaching and he was well-liked at his school – the same one from which he graduated – but he was exhausted putting in long hours at work without seeing any increase in compensation. Despite the praise from parents, students, and other faculty members, he decided he needed to make a change. 

He knew it was possible to work smarter, instead of harder. And he knew that making such a career pivot would enable him to spend more time with his growing family. 

Exceeding Expectations 

What Cooper made in a year as a high school teacher, he can make in a week as a leading expert in Amazon eCommerce. But that success didn’t just appear overnight. 

It started in the spring of 2013, when Cooper, exhausted from long days spent at the front of the classroom, set up his first Amazon storefront. As a brand new entrepreneur, he experienced a steep learning curve and late nights, often fraught with doubt and frustration.

But through the journey to success, Cooper mastered the nuts and bolts of eCommerce while still balancing his full-time job as a teacher. 

In the early days, he was a one-man show. He had to fulfill every order, reply to each customer service request, and embark on all inventory and marketing demands alone. While the business started booming with his Amazon storefront, he still needed to put in hours as a husband, a teacher, and a father. 

Cooper knew he was stretched far too thin, but he was not yet secure enough in his so-called side hustle to quit his full-time teaching career, which offered him a sense of stability that he wanted for his family. 

So, Cooper decided to upgrade his business model. He created a plan to automate his shop to minimize his time while maximizing his profit. He switched to dropshipping, created his own personalized automation, and made sure it all worked well without the need for his presence. 

Within a few short, but intense months, passive income began to roll into the tune of thousands of dollars in sales per month. 

“This is the way entrepreneurship works,” he said. “You get an opportunity, you develop it, and before you know it, the fire is fueling itself.”

Cooper wanted to continue to grow, so he hired a small army of virtual assistants. He trained them all online and they worked remotely for him. 

Between his automation and his new virtual team, his store was doubling its sales within a few months. That’s when Cooper knew he could quit his day job secure in the success that this kind of business brought in.

Capitalizing on Knowledge

Jumping from underpaid and undervalued high school teachers to eCommerce wiz extraordinaire could be considered a mid-career change. But like many entrepreneurs, Cooper just capitalized on what he was good at, teaching. 

As the author of the new book Scratch and Claw: The Path to Entrepreneurial Greatness and CEO of Ecom Automation Gurus, Cooper now teaches entrepreneurs the secrets of making passive income from automated Amazon eCommerce stores. It’s allowed him to make financial strides forward in a way that many professions limit, and he is eager to share his knowledge with others who are motivated like he was. 

“The way I see it, jobs are not as stable as they used to be,” Cooper explained. “That said, online shopping is not going away. And, as long as you are providing good products paired with good service, there’s less chance of things going awry with eCommerce than with many other fields.”

Cooper believes he can transform eCommerce businesses so that retailers can work smarter instead of harder. His company, Ecom Automation Gurus, assists clients with every step of creating a successful eCommerce store. From using drop-shipping to virtual assistants and from private label companies to wholesalers. He even offers full store management services, where they will completely provide guidance in the business for clients, taking the reins on everything from customer support to site maintenance.

It’s a professional path that has led him on a journey that has ultimately made his life sweeter in the most important ways. 

“I have more free time than I ever imagined and make more money than I ever imagined,” he said. “I have safety in knowing my family is taken care of financially, and I have the ability to mentor and teach others. What more could I ask for?”

About Ecom Automation Gurus 

Ecom Automation Gurus creates a fully automated eCommerce store for its users to assist in making passive income. Founder and CEO Kirk Cooper has been featured on and Yahoo Finance. To check out their services and book a call, visit 

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Kirk Cooper: From High School Teacher to Amazon eCommerce Wiz
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