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Getting over things to connect faster with people

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Self-development and personal growth never stop. In fact, after a point, we seem to be able to learn faster and faster. Today I will bring up all the interesting parameters that affect our relationships with people and with ourselves. Our attitude towards life and its problem has a lot to say about how much we will be able to connect with society and feel its vibes. Let’s see what we should care about.

  1. Move on for the next adventure
    During our lifetime we will meet a lot of people and create relationships with them. Some of the people we will come across will play a major role in our lives. However, in most cases, at some point one of us will want to leave. Even though being the one to be left behind creates a sense of abandonment as if someone dumped us things are not like that.
    If we insist to hold someone who just wants to move on we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to find someone else who is probably a better fit for us. This also applies to the career field and generally, all kinds of situations where we feel rejected. There is absolutely no meaning in perceiving things in a way that will lower our confidence. The best idea to move on from this type of painful situation is to focus on the future and expect that things will only work for the best.

  2. Cut to the chase
    Some people are gifted with the charisma of being able to identify what is important and meaningful. For instance, two kids attend a history class in school. The one focuses on the dates and events while the other one understands the reasons that led to that historical period and the way humanity managed to make it through. Being able to realize things like that give you a wonderful advantage, it is like a super-power.
    It is common that for many people the whole meaning of their existence is captured in a small period of their lives may be in the meeting with the love of their lives or the moment they gave birth to the child. For each one of us, this gist is different but for all of us, there are moments that count more than a whole lifetime.

  3. If you cannot solve a problem get over it
    This is actually, a great philosophy. Problems come and go as life goes on. Trying to resolve them is what we all try to do. Yet sometimes we do not have the luxury to deal with them in a profound way that will lead to their resolution. If we are too busy and occupied to do that we have to learn how to live with them and the best way to do that is by putting them aside.
    This does not mean that the problems disappear. On the contrary, it means that we have managed to keep them out of our sight. A person with a low income will not gain anything if they start searching on the internet for a limo. The only thing this will cause is a disappointment in not being able to afford one. Keeping our attention away from things that make us uncomfortable and that are hard to deal with is perhaps our best option.

  4. Knowing ourselves to know others
    Especially when it comes to disadvantages, it is important to be able to realize our own weaknesses. This will make us more forgiving towards other people’s mistakes. The result will be that we will be able to build deeper relationships and we will be able to accept ourselves and other people. Our relationships with other people only reflect the relationship we have with ourselves, so it is crucial to make sure that this one will be taken care of.
    One’s self carries all the valuable information that is necessary to understand the world. It is as if we all carry the world’s meaning within us and the moment we get to dig inside we realize that this process is endless. However, it does worth a try especially if we are about to improve our lives and contribute to building a healthier world for the next generations.

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