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Life challenges – 4 philosophies to overcome them

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Sometimes we consider life as an exhausting journey that comes with a whole bunch of challenges that one will have to overcome to live happily. The truth is that today many of our problems have been resolved. Having food and water is granted for most people and surviving is no longer an issue. Still, things do not seem to be less complicated now. Today I will show you the philosophy that allows us to have an optimistic perspective towards life and the ways this can be achieved.

  1. No one can stand a meaningless life
    We tend to believe that some of the problems we face are the so-called ”first-world problems.” In other words, the reason we deal with some issues is only that we have the luxury to do it. However, this is not really true. The problems that each individual will have to face in life surely differ but the mechanism that produces them is similar. Every person needs to have a reason to be alive. Finding meaning in life is of crucial significance. One might think ”ok, so what meaning does a person who lives in extreme poverty has to find?” Finding food for themselves and their families is serious as well and for that person, this is the meaning.
    Survival is a purpose, perhaps the most basic but if someone has not secured that will surely find a reason to live through that. For many people, it is their desire to provide for their kids and see them happy. Others want to change the world, or others may simply want to improve themselves. Regardless of the situation, the presence of meaning and purpose is very important.

  2. Listening to our fears
    According to a saying, ”where your fear is, there is your task.” The reason we are afraid of some particular things, situations, or people is because we have some unresolved issues. If we do not deal with them these will come up again and trouble us in different ways. Ignoring them will not help. It may postpone some problems but it will not cure us.
    Only if we focus our attention for a while to see what is going on will we be able to come to clean out of these challenges. This is not to scare us. The road to wisdom is not easy to walk through. Sometimes we will have to make sacrifices meaning we will have to deal with troubles. They are a part of the game and this is how they should be treated.

  3. Difficulties are a source of good health
    Most people do not like to be challenged. The fear of failure is what holds them back. Yet difficulties have a lot to offer. Difficulties are strictly related to fears. Remember that each one of us does not share the same fears. It is we who determine what will be experienced as a difficulty. Consider that in nature there are always these two simple forces; love and fear.
    Whenever one disappears the other one appears. If we master our fears, love comes in a simple form and in a quick way. Embracing difficulties is essential. The moment we realize that we do not have to be afraid of them, difficulties can act as a great source of wisdom and healthy growth.

  4. The things we enjoyed as kids show our talents
    While facing our fears and accepting difficulties is vital, we always have to examine the other source we talked about earlier, love. Albert Einstein defined talent as the love to work in a particular field. It is our love for specific things that determine our talents and if we want to discover them and connect with them we have to remember how it was to ”play” when we were young kids and no one had affected our judgment. Finding our talents does not mean we have to follow a career based on them.
    Life can take its road regardless of what our talents or fears are. Besides, adding a hobby to the daily routine did never hurt anyone. If it is not a career it can at least be a hobby. The important thing is to stay in touch with it. Knowing our talents, however, is knowing ourselves or at least a side of it.

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