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How to obtain French citizenship by investment

Out of numerous countries across the globe, France stands out as a highly developed nation. The state is dominated by immaculate landmarks and a growing economy which makes it a top choice for all immigrants.

Thus for anyone who wants to live in France for the long term, both French citizenship and French permanent residence help you with that. Let us check out the major pointers which define these two processes in detail.

Introduction To French Citizenship By Investment:

One of the distinguishing factors about France is that it allows dual-citizenship. Immigrants who are willing to stay in the country for 10 years are eligible to apply for a French Permanent Residence Permit. The permit helps you to live and continue your business in France while enjoying many rights as citizens.

Not many of us know this once you have obtained the citizenship status of France you ultimately become a part of the European Union. All investors who are above 18 with absolutely no trace of a criminal record can apply for the program. Also, there are in total three categories of Golden Visas for people wanting to invest in France, which we will learn next.

What Is The Minimum Investment To Be Made?

As we have discussed earlier, the government of France has opened three ways in which people can invest in the country. These include starting a business, a startup, or investments in a new operating country. For all people who want to invest in a new or operating company, a total sum of €300,000 is to be made. The rest two categories like startup or business take in €20,000 and €30,000 respectively.

Investors must also obtain approval from partner incubators and French Tech Visa Accelerators before financing startups.

What Are The Other Eligibility Conditions?

Like every other Golden Visa program, there are a couple of criteria that have to be kept in mind for the French Permanent Residence Permit. First of all, to make an application under the program, the investor must be a minimum of 18 years.

Also, the residence permit in France not only gives the right to live in France but also travel to different countries in Europe without a visa. If by chance the applicant has legal income outside of France, then it is possible to obtain a permit card for 12 months and renew it annually for 5 years.

Apart from this, immigrants need to have an annual income for each family member, reside in France for 183 days and make a commitment to not work in the nation.

Benefits of Having French Citizenship:

No one would invest in a country if there is a dearth of perks. France stands tall in terms of the numerous benefits it offers stable property market, a business-friendly environment and access to over 188 countries without visas.

Even people with families can look forward to living here due to the excellent infrastructure and quality education offered. Healthcare service in the nation is also top-notch and earns praise for being the best in the world.

How Much Time Does It Take To Earn French Citizenship?

For everyone who yearns to obtain French citizenship, there are loads of documents that need your attention. These include two copies of the application form, 2 photographs, an original passport, birth certificate, documents of a previous marriage or divorce.

Apart from these documents, the overall process leading to acquiring citizenship in France takes 2 years. Also, unless you need to verify for French proficiency as this is a mandatory part of the process. After you successfully navigate through these processes, you become a French citizen at a naturalization ceremony.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Money and Wealth - How to obtain French citizenship by investment
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