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Nature – A Big School For Humans

Schools have not always accompanied human history. The process of learning is native to our human existence but for most of our history nature has been our only real tutor. It is our natural environment and the greater truth we are connected after all. Nature is our home and our mother. It is where we come from, where we live, and where we will end up. Many times we separate ourselves from that, but we are only a part of it.

Below, you will find four of the most symbolic ways to look at the world around you and notice how similar you are to nature.

  1. The circle of life
    People have tried to understand the reason we came into this world by creating religions and philosophies that connect us to universal meaning. Eastern philosophies are more familiar with the circle of life. For them, we come into this world only to leave our footprint and return in a different form in a different situation. This is pretty much how nature acts. Life comes in a way now and after a while, the same molecules that were a part of a past creature can come as pieces of another being later on. Everything that ”dies” becomes a resource to create another part of life. Death is not such a tragedy as we may think. On the contrary, it is as natural as birth and it could be welcomed as in many cases it is a form of relief for those who suffer. We can’t embrace only one part of existence and totally disregard the rest; it just won’t work.
  2. Violence is ambiguous
    We are very concerned about morality and this is a necessary perspective if we want to be united and respect each other’s freedom. However, we have a tendency to be overdramatic about some things that are a simple reality of nature. A great example of this is the fact that ”Bigger fish eat smaller fish” or the rule that ”The stronger dominates.” Nature is cruel and so are humans. The harshness we carry on our genes is only a part of the lessons we have been taught to survive. The fact that we are competitive is a natural characteristic. Perhaps not very needed for the time being since we have overcome issues related to our survival. A quick look at how nature works prove that eating other species or being ”bad” from time to time is not as immoral as it sounds; it is only a part of the game.
  3. Life is the real meaning
    It is amazing how everything that exists around us has a purpose and completes the other pieces of the puzzle. It is possible that the reason why people try to find a purpose for their existence is that they see that every living creature has a purpose. What we may forget sometimes, is that in all cases the purpose is to survive and reproduce. Actually, reproduction is the way to help the whole species survive. So, if you think about it, it only has to do with survival after all. All life on the planet is in constant interaction taking in mind that the only thing it has to take care of is to stay alive. Nothing is alone in this playground. Everything works as a part of a whole and to integrate the big picture. Even things that seem to work against each other, serve a greater cause. This is a wonderful lesson to connect with your inner safe and become less mundane.
  4. Community shows the way to survival
    According to many philosophers humans are social by nature. They believe it is against our nature to be isolated. The world around us is full of examples that prove this. Socializing comes to defend yourself against the enemies, like in many cases of mammals, such as ships and lions. At the same time, it is strictly associated with organizing. The most basic species that do this are insects. Insects are the most vital organisms in terms of the preservation of life on the globe. All of them live in large and organized communities. Take the example of ants. Ants are so well-organized that they have an army of hunters look for food resources for the rest of the group. They even have a form of police to discipline their whole society and make sure everyone works for the benefit of the community and not as a single.

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