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Best Places To Enjoy Vegan Food In Manchester

The craze for vegan food has dynamically scaled upwards in recent years. Blame it on the people who are keen to try meat-free menus, either way, vegan cooking has become mainstream, and there is no doubt about it.

Here, in this blog below, we will look upon restaurants and eateries in Manchester which serve vegan delights. The list below is curated with some of the tastiest vegan options in the city, that will surely get your taste buds rolling.

  1. Pho Manchester:
    As the name suggests, the restaurant is named after the Vietnamese Noodle Soup. With venues across the country, the place has stocked up a variety of choices on the menu for vegans. From salads, rice bowls, and curries, if vegan food is your choice look no further!
  2. Bundobust Manchester:
    For all those unaware, Bundobust is a vegan food restaurant that operates at the edge of Piccadilly. The underground eatery is one of a kind as it serves small vegan Indian food for your gastronomical pleasure. Dine-in at the restaurant or order a pickup, either way, you will relish the food options.
  3. Six By Nico Manchester:
    If you are looking for a restaurant to try a fully-vegan option, Six By Nico is the place. The eatery has a six-course plant-based menu which you can enjoy to your heart full. There is also Home X service by the restaurant through which people can enjoy tasty food at home also.
  4. Vertigo: Plant-Based Eatery
    This unique restaurant has specially curated menus for vegans. Located on the cross street, the eatery has some of the best options in pancakes, waffles, pastries, and fry ups. Another huge point of demarcation is that Vertigo offers an all-day dining option along with some delicious dinner spreads. A must-try for all veg food lovers out there.
  5. V Revolution:
    What happens when fast food meets Tofu? Well, it takes up the shape of the V Revolution. Situated on 20-26 Edge Street, the eatery has some of the best vegan menus. From burgers to heavy carbs, get ready to satiate yourself in an American style. And for all lazy bones out there, you can even order from their website and enjoy the delicacies in the comfort of your home.
  6. Fuel Café and Bar:
    Fuel Café is another location apt for people who love vegan food. Tucked away in Withington, the restaurant has some of the best vegan recipes stocked up on its menu. Apart from that, they also host music performances and board games to keep guests interested.
  7. Dishoom Manchester
    If you are someone who loves vegan food to the core, then this restaurant shall be on your list. Dishoom Manchester has a variety of vegan delights to hook your taste buds on. What’s more interesting is that you can even order at home and enjoy their exclusive options!
  8. The Allotment:
    Fancy Vegan food in Manchester is now a reality! Welcome to “The Allotment” which has a selection of taster menus that are made in a cruelty-free way. One of the best options for people who love vegan dishes.
  9. The Counter House:
    Comprising a menu that boasts of powerful plant-based food, the Counter House is an excellent option for vegans. From black dal, cauliflower rice, to a peanut butter chocolate brownie, you have a chance to taste everything your heart desires.
  10. Foodwell:
    Foodwell has successfully incorporated a slice of sunny west in Manchester. The LA-inspired restaurant has a curated menu including cauliflower hot wings, lemon courgette scallops, and aubergine fillet for all the vegan lovers.

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