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Love Sequins? Here Are 5 Tips To Wear Them Perfectly

Dressing classy and in neutrals is always a safe bet for any occasion but who doesn’t love a bit of glamor in their life? Enter sequins! They open up a whole new dimension of stylizing up your look, more so if you are looking for a fun night out with your friends. Before you read the next lines with wishful eyes, let me tell you that we know. We know that wearing sequins is a task in itself and there are so many things that can go wrong. Don’t worry; you are still in the right place. In this article, we are going over the 5 things that are going to help you wear sequins perfectly.

  1. Don’t go too low
    Doesn’t matter if it is your neckline or your hemline, it would be wise to not go too low. With sequins, there is always the risk of your look being too risqué, keep your look classy. You will find that an appropriate length (talking specifically about sequins) gives you not only the confidence to wear the dress better but also makes you look better when photographed. I can go on about the advantages that you stand to gain from it but you get the idea, better posture, better comfort, and a better time. A good vibe and better pictures, what else do you want?
  2. Accessorize with the bare minimum
    The thing about sequins is that they are already pretty loud, and it should go without saying that keeping accessories to a bare minimum will help. No jewelry and neutral shoes, if you want something then go with a light necklace and a bracelet but nothing more.
    The idea here is to tone down your look by a little, hence the suggestion for neutral accessories. Adding a handbag to your outfit will also work out beautifully. Firstly, you get to carry all essentials with you wherever you go which is always handy, and secondly, it pairs nicely with your sequin if you opt for a darker shade.
  3. Keep it simple, silly!
    After having decided on your choice of sequin, it can be a top or a skirt or a dress, make sure that you are keeping the rest of it pretty simple. Going for anything flashy or bright will take the attention off your sequin and defeat the whole idea. Shades of black or white work best for this purpose, they are a basic yet solid option.
    Another way of rocking your sequin is to pair it with an overcoat or blazer. That way, you are not only toning it down but also breaking the pattern (by choosing a different texture) which in turn makes the sequins look even better. The best thing about wearing sequin is that you don’t have to sweat over trivialities; the dress in itself is statement enough.
  4. Black works best
    This one goes with everything, when in doubt – wear black and it holds for sequins too. If it is your first time wearing sequins and you are too nervous to try out anything too flashy then you should go with the safest option that you have, black. And I understand your predicament, wearing sequins with the rainbow flare and glitter can be too much for an evening out.
    And that is why you go with black, shimmering golden glitter. It instantaneously makes you look classier and at ease in your outfit. It is also a great way to tone it down if you don’t want to attract all the attention to yourself and still wear sequin.
  5. It is not just a dress thing
    You can pair it up with basic clothing too. For example, wear a sequin top with your everyday jeans and it gets immediately stepped up to party-wear. You don’t always have to go out and shop to find something to wear, most of the time what you have in your wardrobe is good enough.
    All you have to know is how to pair it up. Jeans, joggers, jackets, or sweaters; are some of the many ways that you can stylize your wardrobe; coincidently these are also the options that work along with great with sequins!

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