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Useful Advice For Getting An Athletic Scholarship 

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Athletic scholarships have been around for quite some time now, but have only recently gained a lot of promotion. Much of the credit goes to the increasing amenability of students to focus on sports following school graduation. Even in countries that have traditionally been oriented towards academic scholarships, several athletic scholarships are being offered to those with potential and the right kind of qualifications and achievements. But, this also means that there is competition for anyone interested.

You have to be exceptional in what you do to get shortlisted and ultimately selected for scholarships. This task is only easy to write about, but not do. Winning an athletic scholarship requires more than just potential, as I have made it evidently clear in the preceding paragraph. So, what are those things which can help you win such a scholarship? Let us find out here.

Here are 5 things to remember for winning an athletic scholarship.

  1. You need not dilly-dally
    You cannot wake up in the final year of school and start working for an athletic scholarship. To avail of opportunities like these, you will have to start early. Many students often start from middle school, hone their skills, and become prepared by the time high school starts. This, however, does not mean that there is no chance for those who start a little late. It is often recommended that those eyeing for an athletic scholarship must start by the beginning of high school. Participate in clubs, tournaments, attend webinars and travel around to get noticed.
  2. Establish contacts with coaches
    Usually, college recruiters or coaches are not allowed to contact students directly. School clubs or school coaches often as the communication channel for the same. That being said, you should not sit around waiting for a college coach to notice you and want to talk to you about your future. You need to take initiative. Try listing down the coaches you would like to be trained by, find out their contact details, and contact them as soon as you can. Do not wait until your final year to begin; send over an email or call them up not later than the second year at school. Inform the coach about the necessary details including the academic background, athletic achievements, future aims, etc.
  3. Your Academic Scores are equally important
    In case you were getting an impression that athletic performance is all there is to gain a scholarship, then you need to dispose of that impression. You need to continue performing academically at school and maintain a certain grade to make yourself eligible for the scholarship. Note that this academic requirement will continue if and when you get selected for the scholarship. So, while working on your athletic self is commendable, don’t take your studies lightly. You will be evaluated on your athletic and academic abilities.
  4. Know Where You Want To Go
    Different colleges offer different kinds of funding. Some are very generous and flexible, and some are very restrictive. A lot of students do not dwell on the more important aspects of college life and only focus on how much funding they will be getting. As a result of this, they often make wrong choices. You need to understand the place where you want to pursue your athletic endeavors, find out about their rankings, the team culture, the distance of the college from your place, the miscellaneous costs, and the overall atmosphere of the place. You should not simply choose a college just because it is well known for its generous funding. What good will scholarship bring to you if you can’t even adjust?
  5. Promote Yourself
    As I said, you need to take initiative. There are so many contenders for athletic scholarships, and many of them might be having very strong connections to bypass others. However, you can still keep yourself floated in the competition by making yourself visible. You can start uploading professional videos on major video streaming platforms, uploading short videos on social media such as Instagram, and whatnot. Tag coaches and make them watch your videos. Don’t make lengthy videos; just the ones which prove the point should do.

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