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Ranked: Here Are The Best Law Colleges In South Africa, 2021

The 7 law universities of South Africa include some of the best and most reputable law schools in Africa. 5 out of the 6 finest Law universities in Africa are in South Africa as per CEOWORLD magazine by Subject.

That is an indicator of the quality of education you can expect in the law universities of South Africa. On top of that, you’ll also appreciate the low cost of living.

If you are planning to study law in South Africa, here’s our list of the top law colleges in South Africa:

  1. University of the Western Cape
    UWC is popularly known for its fight against racial discrimination. In fact, the university has one of the most diverse student populations among South African universities.
    The Faculty of Law is committed to maintaining its culture based on constitutionalism and human rights. Its law programs are demanding but exhaustive.
    It is renowned nationally and internationally for several reasons. Its high-quality research publications in niche areas, creative ideas, and its extensive social engagement make it a respected faculty of law. Its graduates are often proficient, willing to stand up for social justice, ready to join the workplace, technologically adroit, and can adapt effectively.
  2. University of Johannesburg
    The University of Johannesburg was founded in 2005 following a merger of Rand Afrikaans University, Technikon Witwatersrand, and parts of Vista University. That places UJ among the youngest universities in the country.
    Approximately 3,000 of about 50,000 students studying at UJ are international students thanks to its worldwide recognition. The Faculty of Law is famed for many years of experience in hiring legal specialists in bankruptcy law, criminal justice, and forensic investigations, tax law, and several other areas of law.
  3. University of KwaZulu-Natal
    The University of KwaZulu-Natal was formed in 2004 from the merger of Durban-Westville and the University of Natal. So, although it was established recently, it carries the rich history and prestige of the parent universities.
    Even though it is young, it has achieved the success that even the older universities didn’t manage to achieve. The School of Law focuses on developing technical, legal, and general competencies among students through its law study programs.
  4. University of Pretoria
    The University of Pretoria takes immense pride in producing exceptional legal practitioners. It wants to create a sustainable environment based on research and education that promote social justice.
    The Faculty of Law ranks 90th globally. It is proud of its recognized leadership in legal research and education socially relevant both in South Africa and around the world.
    You will learn a lot from the evidence‐based approach to teaching. UP aims to utilize its intellectual abilities for the betterment of all mankind.
  5. Stellenbosch University
    Stellenbosch University has received numerous local and international awards because of its brilliant teaching standards and dedication to research. It has also made a significant contribution to developing South Africa’s legal system.
    The law programs have been developed to promote prominent world-class lawyers. These programs provide you with the knowledge and exposure needed to make it big not only as a legal professional but also as a jurist.
    You can make the most of one of the largest legal libraries in the continent at Stellenbosch University. Research has been a crucial part of its law programs.
  6. University of Witwatersrand
    The University of Witwatersrand, founded in 1896, is commonly referred to as Wits because Witwatersrand can be a mouthful for most.
    The university has produced four Nobel Prize Laureates, and one of them was from the faculty of law. The legendary Nelson Mandela won the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize.
    Wits’ objective is to provide experimental and revolutionary research as you are also taught to use legal material effectively in practice. It has given Africa many renowned legal experts across the continent thanks to its academic excellence.
  7. University of Cape Town
    Arguably the best Law University in South Africa, the University of Cape Town is also known as UTC. Its pull is so strong that students from other African countries come here to pursue legal studies.
    This grand old university was established in 1829, making it the oldest university in South Africa. The law faculty is the smallest in this prestigious institute, with just under 1,000 students.
    UTC has given South Africa many adept lawyers who have immensely participated in maintaining and strengthening an open, free, and democratic continent.

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