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Here are 5 things top-rated fashion designers absolutely don’t do!

The journey to the top in the fashion industry is not simple. Successful fashion designers know how difficult it is to strengthen one’s position in the industry which is demanding, challenging, and overwhelming. You will spend days and nights into creating your own empire in the industry and yet it will be vulnerable to damage unless you keep it creative, new, and consistent. But, those who preserve under these tiring circumstances and flourish are people you should look up to for the most obvious reasons. If you want to start your life as a fashion designer, then you must know what successful fashion designers know.

We all are told about things which we should do when starting anew. Very infrequently, however, we are told about the things which we SHOULDN’T do. A successful fashion designer, having been in the industry long enough, will stress on ‘don’t’s”. Certain mistakes can cost you more than you were prepared for. What are those mistakes? Well, I have a few to tell you here.

Here are 5 things top-rated fashion designers absolutely don’t do!

  1. To Think You Know Everything
    Success changes personalities. Many times, success makes you greedy and self-centered. You might end up thinking that your successes necessarily mean that you are immune to mistakes and that you know everything there is to know in the industry. Anyone who has been in the industry long enough would agree about the fluid, ever-changing character of fashion and its needs. So, there is a continuous need to learn new and better things that can contribute better to your career and the industry. Hence, the know-it-all attitude will not take you afar.
  2. Taking Finance Management Lightly
    Whether you are a newbie or an experienced fashion designer, money will be of vital importance to you. A lot of money goes into developing a reputation in the industry. If you are starting your brand, then it will require a significant capital investment which might take time to reap benefits. Hence, smart finance managerial skills are key to a successful career as a fashion designer. You cannot spend too much or too little on your ideas. So, don’t take your finances lightly!
  3. Underexploiting the potential of social media
    It is impossible to escape the clutches of social media in the 21st century. The Internet has revolutionized how we communicate and receive information. A great volume of information is available just a few clicks away and this makes online advertising a great tool. Social media handles are the easiest way to connect to all kinds of people from all corners of the world. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc they are all being actively engaged by fashion designers to expand their reach. Even fashion shows are broadcasted live on social media to market fashion. So, if you are not using social media rightly, then you will fail as a fashion designer today.
  4. Undermining Networking
    It is almost blasphemous to not network as a fashion designer. If you check the clientele of any prominent fashion designer, you will realize that they are rooted connections with big names in world affairs. How? This only happens for many reasons, but one of the major reasons is that they socialize and network with people so that they can contact whoever they want to and when they want to. From attending fashion shows to participating in charity events, successful fashion designers do it all. Referrals are indispensable to a fashion designer, and good referrals don’t happen just like that.
  5. Afraid to experiment
    A beautiful aspect of being a fashion designer is that you can push beyond traditional boundaries of creativity and experiment howsoever you want to. There is no place for anyone who always toes the line because that is not creativity. You must try to infuse in your designs elements that are unique in some way or another. Of course, people might call it bizarre but that bizarreness will also invite attention. Your unique taste in fashion might influence people’s taste in fashion and another trend may emerge. So, create whatever feels right. Be who you are and represent that in your designs.

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