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Want To Break Into The Fashion Industry? Keep These 5 Things In Mind.

All the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry you see on media is just the final picture. There goes a lot into carrying that image forward and making it public. People working day and night, in different but connected areas, bring to you the magic of the industry. There is a largely held belief that the fashion industry is an easy ride, and one can be a part of it without any real talent and dedication—they cannot be farther from the truth.

Merely breaking into the industry requires so much labor and mental fortitude that it cannot be expressed. In case anyone of my readers is considering a career in the fashion industry, one should prepare oneself for a roller coaster ride ahead. However, a few tips can be really helpful in handling pressure smartly. Continue reading this article and you shall know a few things which can help you break into the industry. So, let us take a look at what they are.

  1. Educational background
    There is no absolute rule that only those with degrees in fashion are allowed a place here. We have known many great people in the industry who made it big without any fashion degree. However, it is always preferable that you get one because technically speaking you are expected to have a degree in fashion. What is important is that you have the right set of skills and knowledge. Even if your budget does not allow you a degree from a fancy, over-the-top fashion school, it should be fine so long as your degree reflects the necessary skillset and knowledge. Decide your budget and get a degree!
  2. Networking is essential
    It is impossible to survive the industry without excellent social networking skills. Online or offline, you should know when, where, and who to connect. Parties, for example, serve as a great base for interacting with professionals who themselves attend these parties for various reasons such as scouting talent or inking profitable business deals.
    Physical social networking is, of course, advised but it is equally important to exploit the giveaways of the virtual world. You can even start a website or blog to promote your creations or services, and this has helped many people break into the industry. However, the key is to be confident and not consider networking to be always a success. There will be times when people you connect with fail to offer you any deals. But, it is networking which will lead you to the right people as well.
  3. Gather some experience
    Throughout your time in fashion school, you should consistently apply for internships at various companies and under reputed professionals. The competition will be stiff, and this is where networking can help. A good impression on the right people can help you score internships. Following graduation, look for good work opportunities. Note that there will be times when the financial benefits may not be enough but a fresh start is usually challenging. You should focus on outperforming yourself and rest will be taken care of. Like any other industry, people in this industry generally prefer individuals with work experience. It is not that they wouldn’t hire a fresher; they just prefer one over the other.
  4. Keep Yourself Updated
    The ever-changing nature of the fashion industry demands solid knowledge in current affairs. From the latest technological innovations to the smallest changes in accessories fashion, you are expected to have a good grasp on all of them. You need not know everything but only those which you should know. The latest trends should be on the tip of your fingers because if you don’t then it means that you are taking the industry and its values for granted. Creativity is the heart of fashion, and one cannot be creative with outdated knowledge. So, read magazines, follow fashion influencers, contact professionals and learn from them, and participate in workshops, etc to know what you should know.
  5. Perseverance drives you forward
    There is no way one can secure a place in this industry without perseverance. It is one quality you must have, and if you think you do not have enough of it, then develop it. There is too much to handle here; too much competition to face. It is very common for professionals to reach the twilight of their careers on one day and the nadir of their careers on the other day. Failures are important, and they are exceptionally common in the fashion industry—but those who persevere sail through turbulent waters and become victors. Stay strong. Learn and adapt!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - Want To Break Into The Fashion Industry? Keep These 5 Things In Mind.
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