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5 Luxury Hijab Fashion Brands You Should Check out

Hijab is the traditional garment of Muslim women. In a more conservative society, they are considered indispensable to these women. Initially, not many variations and styles were available, however, it is the no longer the case because the fashion industry has ushered in major changes to Hijab fashion. While still retaining their conventional purpose, stylized versions of Hijab are adding aesthetics to the design.

With time, many brands have come up with their own take on Hijabs. Most of them have actually attained a large following because of the quality of hijabs they offer. Luxury hijabs, for instance, are a huge success and which incidentally are our focus-area in this article today. A good number of luxury hijab brands have emerged and the world should know about them. So, we will put a few of them in our article.

Here are 5 luxury hijab brands you should know.

  1. Dolce and Gabbana
    There is no way one cannot mention Dolce and Gabbana when luxury Hijab is the part of the discussion. Known for many things, this brand has tried incorporating its unique elements into the designs of hijab, making their hijabs some of the finest you would see. There are several color options available including beige and black. There are many hijab options which have spectacular floral prints on them. While these hijabs are generally available, they are most commonly available in the Middle East where they are a massive hit.
  2. Gucci
    What would the fashion world be without Gucci? We all are aware of Gucci’s indisputable reputation across the globe so hijabs coming from it are unsurprisingly very popular. The brand garnered a lot of media attention when it introduced its luxury Hijab collection in the prestigious Milan Fashion Week. The collection has been inspired by the 1970s designs meshed with eye-catching, brilliant prints. The extensive use of silk in the products ensures that your body feels most comfortable and stylish at the same time. Despite the 20th century inspirations, these hijabs give you a look as refreshing as today.
  3. The Green Hijab
    Unlike most of the entries you’d find on the list, this brand comes from Asia. This Malaysian brand has adapted to the changing environmental needs of the contemporary world and incorporated eco-friendly techniques in the production of its designs. The hijabs are predominantly made of recycled plastic and wrapped in decomposable packaging. However, while invested in making their creations eco-friendly, they have not neglected stylizing. Their hijabs are as gorgeous as anyone else’s and come in 3 colors. So, if at all you want to style, you might want to style with care. Contribute to environmental protection and preservation by changing your fashion choices.
  4. Chanel
    The exquisite use of silk coupled with a range of colour options is what makes Chanel’s hijabs a hit. Of course, the brand’s already well-established reputation does help to attract attention, but the creativity attention that has been given to its hijabs deserve as many accolades. Chanel’s hijabs are not just about high-end social occasions; there are plenty of options for those who want good quality hijabs for daily use. The best thing about these hijabs are they have been designed keeping in mind the diverse tastes of women—from toned-down, casual hijabs to brilliantly colored hijabs with metallic shimmer, there are anything and everything you might want. All of this, however, will surely come at a huge cost, but the money won’t go to waste.
  5. Nike
    One issue with Hijab that it cannot be used for intensive physical activities has been done away with now. Nike engraved its name in history by creating the first-ever collection of athlete hijab. This allowed women to participate in sports without having to compromise with their religious norms. The brand knows that the scarf is exceptionally important to the garment but it can be easily displaced. Therefore, its pro-hijab collection has been crafted keeping in mind that the scarf stays in place during rigorous sports activities. Moreover, the fabric used in these hijabs is breathable and stretchable, allowing women to exploit their bodily strength to its max level while practising or competing in athletic events. So, girls, just do it!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - 5 Luxury Hijab Fashion Brands You Should Check out
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