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5 Things to Know Before Pursuing Education in Berlin

Berlin is the heart of Germany that has transformed itself into a world city featuring a diversity of cultural, economic, scientific, social, and political affairs. Its contribution to the development of the country remains unprecedented, particularly in terms of industrialization. However, aside from its touristic appeal accentuated by these factors, its education sector is something to take note of.

There is no gainsaying that the contemporary Germanic higher education system is among the most sophisticated ones in the world. Its capital, Berlin, is especially known for being home to most of the top institutions in the country. I do not have to explain the reasons behind the city’s popularity among students because the fact is pretty much settled. However, I must tell you what you need to know in order to survive in the city as a student. So, read along and find out what you need to keep in mind.

    It is a commonly held misconception in the world that there is no tuition fee to be paid in a German university and institution. No. It depends on a number of things. Your tuition fee is waived off only when you apply to certain courses in public universities and agree to certain terms and conditions stipulated by the university.

    Private Universities in Germany are an expensive affair, and you should not live under the assumption that Germanic higher education is a free ride. Therefore, it is advised that you apply to proper scholarships in case you go for programs not covered under the exemption.

  2. Learn the German language
    Berlin is a world city and it is not uncommon to find universities administering courses in English. However, it is the local language that is prevalent across society. If you want to be able to smoothly spend your every day, then it is highly advised that you pick up some lessons on German in your country, or immediately join one here. In fact, there are a few universities that mandate a basic proficiency in German to become eligible for application. Also, if you are intending to establish a career in the country, then there is no way you can avoid learning the language.
  3. Berlin is a safe city
    Safety is a major condition for applying to a foreign educational institution. So far as Berlin is concerned, you do not need to worry yourself over it. One of the safest cities in the world, Berlin is very student-friendly. However, despite that, you cannot always be sure. Since it is a crowded city, you should avoid carrying too much cash in your pockets. Also, remember the local helpline numbers because you may never know when you need them.

  4. Food and Housing
    These two take a lot of space in our accounting affairs. Anywhere you go, your priority would most likely be to figure out how to arrange these two without choking yourself to death. Germany is a highly developed country and it is natural to expect heavy expenses in its capital city. But, this is not actually the reality. Much of the costs will depend on your lifestyle choices, but the general situation is that you can find inexpensive options here.
    Berlin is home to many reasonably priced grocery stores, cheap but yum food kiosks, wonderful dining options, and student cafeterias. So far as housing is concerned, there are many kinds of options. You can live in a furnished apartment or dorm. If you choose the former, it is advised to find a flatmate to split your bills with. Also, you may want to live with a host family that will cut down your costs considerably on food and housing.
  5. Be prepared for paperwork
    Yes, applying for a visa could become one of the most tedious tasks you would ever do. Germany is not very popular in terms of expedient processing of visa applications. In fact, the pace will depend on where you are coming from. For example, it will more or less be a smooth ride for an EU citizen, but anyone coming from a non-EU region will have to go through a whole new level of paperwork.

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