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5 Reasons Why Studying In Slovenia is a good option

Lying where all the primary European trade and cultural routes meet, Slovenia is one with a lot of history. You might have heard of the disintegration of Yugoslavia—and well, Slovenia is one of its successor states, and is now a parliamentary republic. Keeping political history aside, Slovenia is also well known for its natural bounties including a welcoming climate, sprawling mountainous views, rich flora and fauna, and uncongested, breathable human settlements. Do you know what makes all of this even better? Well, wonderful opportunities to secure higher education here.

Yes, I get that that diversion was rather too abrupt but honestly speaking, I have always liked the idea of studying in places where the environmental conditions are welcoming in every way. Over here, it is not just about the picture-perfect landscapes but also progressive higher education facilities that make up for a holistic learning environment. Such a combination of conditions stimulates the intellect and encourages involvement.

If you are interested in knowing more about Slovenia’s higher education system, I have a handful of good reasons that might persuade you into giving it a chance. So, here we go!

  1. Slovenian language won’t be a problem
    One of the biggest concerns of international applicants is communication. Many countries conduct their educational courses in their local language which can be a problem for those applicants who do not know or have insufficient understanding of the language. However, when in Slovenia, you do not have to worry about it. Most locals know at least one foreign language depending on the region. You can find a fair number of speakers of English, Italian, Hungarian and German. But, of course, it would not hurt knowing a little bit of the local language to be able to manage your lifestyle properly.
  2. Take advantage of student discounts
    It could be hard on the finances if the place of study is not very generous. However, Slovenia is a lovely place with lots of student discounts to offer. You can take advantage of these discounts to keep yourself occupied throughout your education here. Engage yourself in extra-curricular activities, especially sports activities which are pretty popular here. You may want to join any of the many sports clubs operating here. Or, you can join a student association that will offer you opportunities to involve yourself in workshops.
  3. Slovenia is NATURALLY ENDOWED
    I have already emphasized on this point in the introductory paragraph but can do that again because Slovenia deserves all that attention. Slovenia is a perfect touristic package: mountains, vineyards, a lovely spread-out of lush greenery, peaceful human settlements, caves, and so much more.

    As a student-tourist, you can do so much here: go skiing, swimming, hiking, biking, bird-watching, and whatnot. As I said, this country connects all major routes of the continent so no place in Europe is too far off from here. Yeah, there you go, you have got education and tourism covered all in one.

  4. About Universities
    Before you start complaining about how this article does not talk about Slovenian higher education in detail, I have a few heads-up for you in that regard. Of all the universities in this country, four universities take away much of the attention. These universities are the University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor, University of Primorska, and University of Nova Gorcia. Note that for almost half a century, the University of Ljubljana was the only university in the entire country. It is also among the highly ranked universities in the world, along with the University of Maribor.
  5. Budgeted Food Expenses
    One area where students end up spending the most is food—and Slovenian government has that taken care of. Over here, student meals are significantly subsidized as a result of which you can enjoy a hearty meal anywhere in the country at a heavily discounted rate. Nearly 80 percent of the eateries here offer discounts to students, which means you will not find a shortage of places to eat and save money, if eating out is not your thing, you can get groceries and cook. Groceries here are not as expensive as in the country’s European counterparts so you can make do on your budget.

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