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Ever Wondered What Makes Luxury Fashion Expensive? Here Are The Top 5 Reasons

Temptation knows no bounds when luxury retail is right in front of our eyes. Even the most plain-looking but branded clothing will make us spend crazily. But, money is money and once it is gone, it is gone. We do not want regrets after having spent generously on luxury retail—and you will most likely not—but this begs a question as to why we need to spend our hearts out to get luxury fashion. What makes them so different from your mass-produced branded fashion? Well, I have got that covered for you in this article.

Today, the mood is fashion, and I thought of discussing something which makes people wonder a lot. We will uncover the reasons why luxury retail is expensive. Once you get to know these reasons, you will start appreciating their relevance even more.

So, here are 5 of those reasons you should know.

  1. A lot of time and energy: Luxury retail is not mass-produced, and every such outfit and accessory you see in stores has involved a lot of handiwork, time and money. These three are diligently invested so that your design is unique and you get the taste of the ”one and only” in the outside world. Due to the sheer involvement of these three, the price of the clothes and others spike, and there is no reason why they should not. After all, these designers and the people working under them deserve their share of the reward.

  2. Use of high-quality material: When I say that luxury retail means high-quality material, I do not mean to say that other regular brands necessarily use low-quality materials. No! What my point here is that luxury fashion designers tend to prioritize bodily comfort and the life of the item more than how quickly it can be manufactured. To achieve the highest degree of satisfaction, you will have to procure the finest materials out there which are not only loving to your body but also last longer. Of course, these designers will find ways to compensate themselves for the amount they spent on these materials, and you are the best source!

  3. Limited Quality: Phoebe Buffay’s rant in Friends about the repetitiveness of mass-manufactured goods rings a lot of bells. If you purchase anything from a regular fashion brand, then you are most likely wearing products that have been produced in bulk. Most of these products would have been shipped from manufacturing hubs across the world. Numerical strength and repetition of fashion choices reduce the price of these products. This, however, is not the case with high-end fashion. High-end fashion means that the production is close to home and is very limited. It is usually on order basis. Being very limited in number, prices are naturally high.

  4. A lot of money into advertising: You check any official Instagram page of a high-end fashion designer and see that they spend exceptionally on marketing. They hire models from all over the world and rope in a galaxy of stars to be their ambassadors. The retail stores are very limited in number, and those which exist have been specially designed to represent the idea behind the designs. All of this is to attract onlookers to the unparalleled world of high-end fashion—and mind you, all of this costs way too much than you can imagine. So much money goes into advertising that, naturally, these designers put hefty price tags on their creations. Also, people are willing to pay that price so everyone is happy.

  5. The Social Status: You may think this has nothing to do with price, but you cannot be farther from the truth. Social status determines value in many ways. High-end fashion has a very narrow consumer base, but that consumer base is among the highest in the social strata. Since these designers aim to sell their creations which will be worn in lavish parties attended by celebrities and who’s who, they use quite much of their discretion to decide the prices. To impress the elite, you have to dress up like one—and you cannot do so if you are unwilling to shell out those extra bucks.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Ever Wondered What Makes Luxury Fashion Expensive? Here Are The Top 5 Reasons
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