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These Are The Most Successful Fashion Brands, 2020

One thing that has exercised a constant influence on popular culture is fashion. Regardless of the time, if you visit the lanes of history, you will find that each period is distinguished from the other by its clothing. To date, we pride ourselves on being more modern and forward-thinking than our ancestors when it comes to fashion.

And that cycle is going to persist for the coming generations too. Riding the wave of this ever-growing demand, the fashion industry has prospered. There are so many prominent brands now that it is near about impossible to remember the name of every single one of them.

But to make staying in fashion a bit easier, in this article, we are going to go over the twenty most successful fashion brands that exist today.

  1. Brooks Brothers
    It manufactures and sells American suits and Oxford shirts. The brand is known to have clothed almost every single person to have served as the US President. At the age of almost 200 years, it is one of the oldest brands on this list.
  2. Converse
    The iconic street footwear maker has been a favorite of people of all ages. The All-Star series is one of the most successful to have ever been launched by a brand. Converse has been making sneakers since 1915. And ever since, other brands have been trying to replicate its success.
  3. Tommy Hilfiger
    It is an icon that embodies the free spirit of America. Tommy Hilfiger is known for its red, blue and white logo that is synonymous with luxury fashion. Although, when the store first opened, it was not known by the name of its founder but identified as “People’s Place”.
  4. Calvin Klein
    Starting as a formal clothing brand but later branching into jeans and sportswear, Calvin Klein pushed boundaries. Right from the start, the tag carried weight as not everyone could afford the cost. The brand that was made famous by a 15-year-old Brooke Shields is one of the biggest fashion giants today.
  5. Eddie Bauer
    The brand is known mainly for manufacturing outerwear. Its most significant creation, the quilted down jacket, has been recreated in its original or updated iteration many times over. Operating since 1920, it has upheld its high standards in production.
  6. Kate Spade
    Designing mainly handbags, it became a must-have for women when it debuted its signature line that combined utility and splashy colors. It was an inspirational brand that young women, climbing the corporate ladder, preferred over others.
  7. Vans
    Another legendary shoemaker that is still popular today. The shoes made by Vans are in demand by high-performance athletes for the quality grip on its soles. These soles are sticky and don’t slip even when put under extreme duress. Hence making them sought after in sports where grip plays a crucial part.
  8. Under Armour
    This is one brand that was founded, innovated and improvised by an athlete himself. The sound engineering behind the high-quality innerwear keeps it dry and light even when you are engaged in high-intensity games. With under Armour, you don’t have to worry about sweat weighing you down.
  9. Crew
    Who says luxury only has o be formal? J. Crew has proved that even when it comes to wearing casuals, you can exude luxury. From shoes to skirts, the brand makes it all. The apparels are comfortable to wear and provide a spunk element to your personality.
  10. Levi’s
    The iconic jeans that were first fashioned for miners soon found its way into the hands of common folk too. They immediately fell in love with the rugged textured clothing that could withstand long riding hours and heavy fieldwork. The rest, as they say, is history!
  11. Abercrombie & Finch
    It is another brand that was worn by US Presidents. It made apparel especially for the outgoing travelers and explorers who required something strong yet comfortable.  The company started in 1892 and has been growing since.
  12. Ralph Lauren
    No one can say that this brand has had its roots in the army. The founder, Ralph Lauren, on returning from his tours with his company, felt in need of wide neckties. He persuaded his then partner to invest in a clothing line and the brand picked up pretty fast from there.
  13. Banana Republic
    The brand with the funny name was conceived by a reporter and an illustrator while on a tour of Australia. The whole aim was to create something different than what people already had. The main focus is on providing utility and yet keeping things casual. The Banana Republic falls into the category of luxury fashion.
  14. Hollister
    It is a relatively new brand, debuting only in 2010. Hollister was made with just one goal in mind, and that was to focus on teens. While all other brands were making clothes for grownups, Hollister saw an opportunity and an unexploited market. By the time the other brands could launch, Hollister had started delivering its merchandise all over the globe.
  15. Nike
    The company whose very name means “Greek goddess of victory” is home to all the premier athletes of the world. Originally working as a distributor for a Japanese shoemaker, Nike started its production after it realized that the demands of players for adaptive footwear were not being met. Through continuous innovation, Nike was able to come up with an answer.
  16. Coach
    Baseball has always been a very popular sport. It was only a matter of time before someone stepped up and made an inspired accessory collection. Enter Coach. The company makes handbags and accessories based on the aesthetics of a baseball glove. In operation since 1942, it has almost 1000 stores around the world.
  17. Victoria’s Secret
    Roy Raymond was far too shy to go shopping for his wife’s underwear at a departmental store, opened this store as an alternative. Today, Victoria’s Secret is known not only for its product line but also for the fashion shows that it holds and the stellar models who grace it.
  18. Gap
    The irony of the name is that it signifies the generation gap that the founders felt with their children, while today Gap is one of the most popular brands aimed at youth. Every day it sells hundreds of thousands of units and launches new ones. Through its 1200+ stores around the world, Gap earns and annual revenue of more than USD16 billion. Let that figure alone give you an idea of how big the brand is.
  19. American Eagle Outfitters
    Motorcycles and American roads have always had a special connection. American Eagle Outfitters honors this very bond. With their denim and casual apparel aimed at men and women, it is one of few brands that have risen to popularity despite having a one-dimensional approach.
  20. Old Navy
    The brand is named after a bar in the city of Paris. It makes jeans, capris, tops, hats and other apparel. Although it is owned by Gap, it differs vastly in its style from its parent company. Old Navy has a certain “rustic” feel about its casual clothing line that gives an old-world charm to its clothes.

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