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America’s best cities for IT professionals, 2020

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MOVE over San Diego and New York – Austin, TX has been named the best American city for IT professionals, according to Kisi report for 2020. Seattle, WA ranked number 2 on the list, followed by San Francisco, CA (No. 3), Washington, DC (No. 4), and Dallas, TX (No. 5).

Magazine placed Raleigh, NC in sixth on the list ahead of Los Angeles, CA, and Atlanta, GA. Baltimore, MD, and Boston, MA round out the list at nine and ten, respectively.

Phoenix, AZ took the No. 11 spot, followed by San Diego, CA (No.12) and Sacramento, CA (No.13). Meanwhile, Houston, TX ranked No. 14 in the CEOWORLD magazine’s ranking of the best U.S. cities for IT professionals.

Denver, CO came in fifteenth place, followed by Colorado Springs, CO (sixteenth), New York (seventeenth), Las Vegas (eighteenth), and Tampa, FL, ranked nineteenth. Out of 20 best U.S. cities for IT professionals, Chicago ranked No. 20th.

The 30 best U.S. cities for IT professionals, 2020

RankCityAverage IT Manager Salary (USD)Average IT Director Salary (USD)IT job openings over total openings (Percentage)
1Austin, TX1064361391207.81%
2Seattle, WA11790115274612.51%
3San Francisco, CA1347811727707.89%
4Washington, DC11769415250918.18%
5Dallas, TX1067371394905.99%
6Raleigh, NC1032491352856.86%
7Los Angeles, CA1180521529334.28%
8Atlanta, GA1095451428426.42%
9Baltimore, MD10701913982014.2%
10Boston, MA1162961508706.72%
11Phoenix, AZ1054231379043.64%
12San Diego, CA1153911497756.7%
13Sacramento, CA1208481562373.39%
14Houston, TX1102101436403.59%
15Denver, CO1075541404625.92%
16Colorado Springs, CO9563212591711.54%
17New York, NY1183831533826.47%
18Las Vegas, NV958911262392.28%
19Tampa, FL1012521328534.11%
20Chicago, IL1116791454115.32%
21Columbus, OH1076521405723.91%
22Orlando, FL942611241983.12%
23Kansas City, MO1033151353634.58%
24Minneapolis, MN1103481438113.88%
25Portland, OR1094661427424.06%
26Pittsburgh, PA1025051343774.83%
27San Antonio, TX916181208554.39%
28Indianapolis, IN1002351316063.12%
29Miami, FL990731301852.81%
30Philadelphia, PA942611398004.22%

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