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Marie-Galante – The Emerald Island Where Time Has Stopped

In a sea far, far away lies a magical place, an undiscovered and little known island lost among the 7000 islands of the Caribbean Sea. Overhead each day a warm sun awakens life; Each night the moon and stars a million-fold in the heavens above sparkle in the darkness. On the shores are white sandy beaches of coral, intimate emerald lagoons and coconut palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze. Birds sing in the trees, cattle low in the meadow and waves lap on the beaches. These are the sounds of paradise.

Life abounds.  Gardens, flowers and the grasses in the meadow are nourished by the mist of a gentle rain shower that passes by each day. Beauty is everywhere to be seen.  All you have to do is look.

Islanders live in the moment, with each breath as if it might be their last.  They live in peace with family, friends and neighbors. On this “Goldilocks” island everything is “just right.”

Does such a place really exist you may ask? Why, yes it does.  It is a small island in the French West Indies, located twenty miles off the shores of Guadeloupe. It is the island of Marie-Galante. 

Here you will find charming people carrying a sense of dignity and inner peace. The island is crowned with 12 pristine beaches just perfect for romance, sunsets, moonrises, snorkeling, surfing, hiking and swimming.

Abundant on the island is the God-given energy of life that increases our strength and refresh our soul. In Chinese and Japanese cultures this life force is called “Chi” (pronounced Chee).

In the June 2010 Journal of Environmental Psychology research studies showed that being outdoors was the pathway to good health.  Studies show that being out-of-doors for as little as 20 minutes a day is enough to boost vitality, and this is over and above the heightened sense of well-being associated with outdoor exercise and being with friends. Nature is fuel for the soul. ”

Being alive on Marie-Galante is exciting. Visit her beaches and breathe in the energy of life. Experience the paradise high. Become more alive.  Increase Chi. See life as a child sees, enjoying it for the wonder and excitement that it is. That is what is special about Marie-Galante. Here,  your life’s wish and dream comes true.

For more on this calm and beautiful paradise island you will want to read “Marie-Galante, The Emerald World Where Time Has Stopped, by Paul J. Sausville.

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Paul Sausville
Paul Sausville is author and publisher of the 180 page travel guide entitled Beach Guide to Marie-Galante - The Emerald World Where Time Has Stopped. The book includes descriptions of 12 beaches and information on other aspects of the island, including its sugarcane crop and its population of sea turtles, some of them endangered species. Paul Sausville is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.