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Top Strategies To Maintain Employee Motivation

In light of the increased pressures of the global workplace that inspires executives to exert effective change at the organizational level, this article points out the vital importance of employee motivation to have access to high-functioning organizations. Executives require people who are engaged and inspired to meet the demands of day-to-day operations. When executives show concern for the employee’s individual needs, individuals begin to contribute more commitment and they become more inspired them to put extra effort into their work. This extra effort improves the quality of products, customer satisfaction, and impacts the return on assets, sales, shareholder value, and improves operational risk management. In doing this, executives can employ charismatic behaviors and motivate subordinates to provide better outcomes, more profitability, and satisfying careers.

Executives can create an inspiring view of future and motivate employees to develop relationships with external environments to identify new opportunities that occur in an ever-changing hypercompetitive marketplace. Executives can concentrate on setting highly desired expectations and inspire followers to identify further opportunities in the business environment. Executives follow Thomas Davenport and Laurence Prusak’s concern that concludes that if an executive cannot inspire its followers to share their individual knowledge with others, then this individual knowledge is not valuable to the organization. Trust-based relationships is a big part of leadership process and can inspire organizational members to share their individual knowledge to generate new ideas within companies. Clearly, executives can inspire their followers to develop trust-based relationships by keeping them highly engaged with the leadership process.

Further, new knowledge acquisition process is an enabler for identifying and satisfying customer’s needs and manifests itself as a significant driver that motivates the development of relationships with customers. Important milestones in new knowledge acquisition process could include inspirational motivation, which inspire followers to take risk-related efforts and generate more innovative solutions. The acquisition of new knowledge is an ongoing process and can be essential to identify the needs of customers and recognize changes in the business environment. Executives can inspire people to create new ideas and develop effective mechanisms to acquire knowledge from various sources such as suppliers, customers, business partners, and competitors.

In addition, executives can inspire organizational members to network with more successful competitors by using the aspect of inspirational motivation and sharing successes to build alliances and not only enhance competition but communicate best practices as a way of keeping the highest standard of operation in the industry and being the go-to organization for successful modeling of profitability, customer service, and employee satisfaction. The key here is to inspire their organizations as a whole to develop networking with more effective enterprises through employing inspirational motivation directed at setting highly desired expectations for followers. This is where the executive can attempt to achieve the best corporate climate and inspire followers to achieve business goals—stemming from a shared or distributed form of leadership across pivotal areas on the organization. Thus, networking with business partners is a key activity for organizations to maintain employee motivation and to inspire employees to solve their current problems in a more innovative manner.

References: Davenport, T.H., & Prusak, L. (1998). Working knowledge, Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press.

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