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8 Business Influencers You Should Follow on Instagram

Whether you are starting a business, own a business, or are simply immersed in the world of entrepreneurship, it’s a good idea to follow some great business-related accounts on Instagram. Of course, you don’t want to waste your time with accounts that offer little value and unique viewpoints, so it’s smart to look for influencer accounts.

Influencer accounts are those that have 10,000 or more followers. Many accounts have millions of followers, although these accounts are typically reserved for celebrities. Any high-influencing account can add the next level to your Instagram newsfeed, providing the inspiration and ideas needed to help you grow your business.

Plus, following these influencers will give you a chance to connect and grow your following. Aside from using great tools like Plixi to grow your likes and followers, soliciting the help of Instagram influencers in your niche is one of the best strategies for growth on the platform. For a fee, they can endorse your brand and send hundreds or even thousands of followers in your direction.

To adopt all the benefits that influencers can offer you, start following some of the best today. Here are eight business influencers that can both inspire and promote you on Instagram.

  1. Everette Taylor
    Everette Taylor is the founder and CEO of a company called ET Enterprises. His goal and mission are to encourage people to create their own success. He encourages his followers to break out of the typical mold and pave their own path.
    His biggest followers include millennials, women, and people of color. Anyone can follow him, of course, but his preferred followers are those who have lived an underprivileged life and could use some positive words to help them overcome the gap and surpass others who have always had more.
    You can learn a lot from Taylor while using his influence to catapult your business. His followers are very niche-specific and highly engaged, showing you the power of speaking to your audience.
  2. Gary Vaynerchuk
    Using the handle @garyvee, Vaynerchuk has built an empire across multiple social media channels, Instagram included. His main goal is to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs to be the best versions of themselves, notwithstanding the many challenges and obstacles that stand in the way.
    Along with dousing followers with killer motivational quotes, videos, and images, Vaynerchuk also offers many tips for building a successful brand. He hones in on the value of marketing yourself and developing a unique label with all the accreditation attached.
  3. Arianna Huffington
    To this day, Arianna Huffington is still one of the most iconic and inspirational women in the digital world. She has built an empire with some of the most reputable online publications to date. She’s also an author and CEO of the company Thrive Global, and her 565K followers log on daily to see the way she breaks down barriers for women and builds up her brand.
    One of her most prominent goals with her business and Instagram account is to “end the stress and burnout epidemic.” With millions of Americans struggling to love their jobs and work unrealistic hours in the corporate world, her influential words and success stories offer a fabulous pick-up.
  4. Marie Forleo
    MarieTV’s CEO and founder, Marie Forleo, is an inspirational woman to follow on Instagram. Her account is brimming with the very best of Marie’s daily life. This is where she posts the latest videos for her channel.
    She offers motivational tips for the business owner who’s struggling with burnout. She teaches you how to make pasta from scratch when you need something to do. She provides inspiration with her everyday photos. And best of all, it’s all real with few filters and little fluff.
  5. Tai Lopez
    Lopez is an inspirational businessman who has founded much of his successful platform on his “one book a day” challenge. He took 365 days to devote to building his brand. Each day, he read a business or self-improvement book, then hopped onto social media to leave a review for his dedicated followers.
    Along with his insightful reviews of books, he also provides infinite wisdom and inspiration for the everyday business owner. One of his most quoted lines is “If it won’t matter in one week, one month, or one year, then don’t worry about it.”
  6. Neil Patel
    Neil Patel has made a huge impression on those in the digital marketing world. He has been noted by many influential groups, including The Wall Street Journal and former President Obama, to be one of the top influencers in the entrepreneurial world.
    Patel is the co-founder of many businesses including KISSmetrics, Hello Bar, and Crazy Egg. Along with building up these educational platforms, Patel uses his Instagram account to connect with business owners, informing and educating wherever possible including mistakes you should avoid on Instagram.
  7. Natalie Franke
    Natalie Franke started a brand called the Rising Tide Society whose mission is to make businesses stronger by connecting them rather than making them compete. Her hashtag campaign #communityovercompetition caught the attention of millions.
    Franke has lived an inspiring life. She was once a successful wedding photographer, but after discovering she had a brain tumor, going through treatment, and surviving the ordeal, she decided to take her life in an entrepreneurial direction. When she learned the hard way that life is too short to fight, she founded the Rising Tide Society to help connect entrepreneurs from all over the world.
  8. Brit Morin
    Brit Morin is one of the many who developed a successful blog during the blogging boom of a decade ago. Her blog, Brit&Co, was once a simple lifestyle blog that included her own musings and experiences. Now, it’s an inspirational platform that has hundreds of thousands of followers.

Here Instagram platform is a simple embodiment of her blog with an added dose of inspirational posts. She uses her creativity and compassion for those around her to create an unstoppable brand on Instagram that you need to follow.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - 8 Business Influencers You Should Follow on Instagram
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