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Ranked: The Richest American Families In Each U.S. State, 2019

New York has the Hearsts. Missouri has the Busches. Nebraska has the Buffetts. But their wealth doesn’t come close to that of Walton Family of Arkansas, the wealthiest family in the United States. The CEOWORLD magazine estimates their net worth of a whopping $163 billion. In 2019 rankings, Washington’s Bezos Family ($162 billion) and Koch Family of Kansas ($103 billion) placed second and third, respectively.

To identify the wealthiest American family by U.S. state, CEOWORLD magazine reviewed numerous national and international media reports. Additional information about the wealthiest families in each U.S. state came from the most up-to-date estimated net worths available from Bloomberg, Forbes, and Yahoo Finance.

These clans aren’t just wealthy, their filthy stinking rich. No matter what they’ve done with their money, one thing is certain that these families will be wealthy for quite a long time.

The 2019 rankings placed Mars Family of Virginia ($89.7 billion)in fourth ahead of Buffett Family of Nebraska ($85 billion) into fifth. Zuckerberg Family takes the top spot for the state of California. As of September 2019, their net worth was $74 billion, primarily boosted by Facebook’s $46.5 billion in gross profit from 2018.

Richest families in each U.S. State

US StateRichest FamilyEstimated worth
AlabamaRane Family$1 billion
AlaskaGillam Family$700 million
ArizonaShoen Family$8.5 billion
ArkansasWalton Family$163 billion
CaliforniaZuckerberg Family$74 billion
ColoradoAnschutz Family$12.7 billion
ConnecticutSackler Family$13 billion
DelawareGore Family$5.2 billion
FloridaPeterffy Family$25.7 billion
GeorgiaCox Family$33.6 billion
HawaiiOmidyar Family$10.6 billion
IdahoSimplot Family$6 billion
IllinoisPritzker Family$33.5 billion
IndianaCook Family$8.2 billion
IowaStine Family$3.2 billion
KansasKoch Family$103 billion
KentuckyBrown Family$12.3 billion
LouisianaBenson Family$3 billion
MaineAlfond Family$6.5 billion
MarylandLerner Family$5.1 billion
MassachusettsJohnson Family$31.6 billion
MichiganMeijer Family$7.2 billion
MinnesotaCargill-MacMillan Family$42.3 billion
MississippiDuff Family$2.4 billion
MissouriBusch Family$13.4 billion
MontanaWashington Family$5.9 billion
NebraskaBuffett Family$85 billion
NevadaAdelson Family$42.8 billion
New HampshireReimann-Ciardelli Family$1.1 billion
New JerseyDorrance Family$17.1 billion
New MexicoChase Family$700 million
New YorkHearst Family$24.5 billion
North CarolinaGoodnight Family$9.9 billion
North DakotaTharaldson Family$900 million
OhioWexner Family$5.4 billion
OklahomaHamm Family$19.5 billion
OregonKnight Family$30.7 billion
PennsylvaniaMellon Family$12 billion
Rhode IslandNelson Family$1.8 billion
South CarolinaZucker Family$4 billion
South DakotaSanford Family$2.5 billion
TennesseeFrist Family$12.5 billion
TexasDuncan Family$25.2 billion
UtahMiller Family$1.4 billion
VermontAbele Family$630 million
VirginiaMars Family$89.7 billion
WashingtonBezos Family$162 billion
West VirginiaJustice Family$1.9 billion
WisconsinJohnson Family$30 billion
WyomingWyss Family$5.8 billion

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Stats Gate - Ranked: The Richest American Families In Each U.S. State, 2019

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