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Top 4 skills to master before moving to another city for college

A lot of us have to move to another city, leaving the placate of our homes and the people we love for higher studies, consequently, giving up the luxury, comfort, and the sense of security which enfolds us. Moving out is no mean task and if you are a student who is pampered with the sumptuousness of motherhood, it can prove to be a greater stress and therefore, requires meticulous attention to the skills you would need to survive on your own. To help you with moving to another city for college, we have curated a list of top 5 skills to master.

  1. Grocery Shopping and Cooking
    According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you need to be able to fulfill the most basic needs – food and water – to survive. It doesn’t take a psychologist to know that to achieve those needs, you need to learn how to grocery shop. If you don’t have the time to go grocery shopping and you have a little extra money to pay for delivery, grocery subscription services are a great way to save time and bring the grocery store to your door.
    At the beginning or end of the week, think about how many meals you’ll need for the coming days and prepare them ahead of time and store the prepared meals inside your fridge in microwavable containers. On the day you need that meal, all you need to do is pull it out of the fridge and heat it up.

  2. Cleaning and Organization
    You might have hoped that moving out on your own means an end to the dreaded chore list, but as we all know, having your own place means that you’re on your own when it comes to cleaning and organization. There’s no secret to making cleaning easier or more enjoyable, but you can make it doable. If you make it a point to clean up after cooking, using the bathroom, or even hosting a gathering, it won’t be as big of a mess as it would be if you only cleaned weekly.
    If you’re looking for inexpensive and less harmful products to clean your home with, you can use natural home cleaners, some you can even make using ingredients found in your own cupboards. One way you can achieve a more organized home is by living a minimalistic lifestyle. Besides eliminating clutter, it can benefit your finances and even lower your stress levels.

  3. Doing Your Laundry and Dry Cleaning
    Laundry is another one of those chores which is inescapable and you may find it irritable, no matter how you spin it. However, there are a few things you can do to make laundry easier, one of which is reading the clothing labels. First, check to see how often your clothes needs to be washed because you might be over-washing.
    For example, some experts suggest that you only need to wash jeans and other outerwear, like dress shirts and khakis, every two to three wears. Additionally, bed sheets can go up to two weeks in between washes. You also need to make sure you’re reading clothing tags to make sure you’re washing things correctly. There are several symbols that explain the temperature, cycle, and special washing instructions for the respective clothes that can save them from being ruined or damaged.
  4. Managing Your Money
    As a student, you would have a lot of bills to pay, which would make it incredibly important to learn how to budget. One method you can use is the 50/20/30 rule, with 50% going to essentials such as rent, utilities, transportation costs, and groceries, 20% going to your savings and debt obligations such as student loans or credit card debt, and the remaining 30% for entertainment or other non-essentials. While this method might not work for everyone, it’s best to learn to live within your means.

Deciding to move out on your own can be very thrilling, but it also comes with a lot of financial, physical, and mental preparation and dedication. By following this guide, you could be on your way to independence with the confidence of understanding basic life skills.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top 4 skills to master before moving to another city for college
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