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Top 5 things to keep in your college bag to increase productivity

A college bag should offer a few essential qualities; it needs to be durable because it will be with you almost all the time and it will take a beating, no matter how gentle you are with it. We need to carry a lot of things in our bag to college and therefore, we have curated a list of top 5 things you must carry in your college bag to maximize your productivity.

  1. Textbooks and Binders
    It is better if you generally take one or two textbooks at a time because of their weight and how it affects your neck. If you can carry more than two and you’d like to, go for it. In addition to the textbooks required for classes, you should take the binder that is associated with the class that you will be attending for the day. Use binders instead of notebooks and folders for multiple reasons.
    The first reason is that you will have hundreds of pages of loose-leaf notebook paper and absolutely no notebooks, so, having a binder gives them a dedicated place. The second reason to use a binder instead of folders is that the binder organizes everything you will need for the class, including the loose-leaf paper, handouts, a folder for the handouts, folder compartments for projects that need to be turned in, and a clear area to put the syllabus or course schedule on the front. This way, you won’t be digging through a cluttered notebook to see what is due next. The downfall of using binders, though, is the bulk, so you should use what suits you the best.
  2. Planner / Scheduler
    It is highly recommended to get an agenda or planner if you don’t already have one. It is essential to keep all your due dates, classes, appointments, and other events organized in one place. Also, there are a million different types of planners, so you would need to find one that you like.
  3. Water bottle
    For optimal focus and learning, it’s super important to keep an eye on how much water you are drinking, so it’s time to make the simple water bottle your new best friend and essential backpack companion. Not only are they available in lots of different materials and sizes, some even come with trackers to help you keep an eye on your hydration level. New research also suggests that the type of bottle or lid you use can help you drink more water throughout the day. Not to mention, reusable water bottles are much better for your bank account and the planet, so avoid the bottles made out of plastic.
  4. Healthy snacks
    Hydration isn’t the only habit to keep your body and mind in the best state for learning. Convenience food is often easily found around campus but many of us end up opting for the oh-so-tasty-but-not-so-healthy choices, especially when we’re rushing from one class to the other. Protein and omega 3 are super important for brain functioning, and vitamins B6 and B12 for alertness and memory, so make sure you keep hogging on some healthy snacks throughout the day.
  5. Laptop and Charger
    For some students, having a light and portable laptop with themselves can make all the difference! It is extremely helpful in between work and class when you do not have time to go all the way across the campus to the library, or if there are no computers available in the student lounge. You will be able to pull out your laptop and work on your homework or even write a couple of blogs in your free time instead of sitting around playing on your phone. If you choose to carry your laptop around you, you need to be mindful that it takes up a lot of space, requires protection, and will probably need you to have a messy mop of cords in your bag too.

It is very important to know which things you must carry in your bag to increase your productivity. If you try to carry everything with yourself to the college, you may end up having a back or neck pain, so it is better to carry only the things you would need for sure, in addition to the aforementioned items.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top 5 things to keep in your college bag to increase productivity
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