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Top 5 Books On Travel To Read

The success of any travel book is not measured by the awards it wins but in the miles it covers with the readers. Reading a travel book can transform you as a person and your imagination can inspire you to travel miles, hike, drive, fly and swim. We have got to you covered with an ultimate reading list of the best travel books by experienced globetrotters to help the wanderlust in you.

  1. THE ART OF TRAVEL – Alain de Botton
    “It’s not just about the moments of grandeur—every little element is part of the whole experience.”
    With the plethora of travel literature guiding us about the travel destination one should explore, we may forget the important purpose behind the need and urge to travel. The author articulates incredibly the mundane moments of travel and understanding the traveling experience as every moment holds a special value to it. Botton shares his brutal and honest opinion, with a philosophical perspective, about why we travel and encounter various incidents that make us learn about our environment, and sometimes, even ourselves. The Art of Travel is a pleasant and loving review of the various artists of the ages, which makes it a worthwhile read. This book will make you want to pack your travel bag and explore the countries and history through paintings.
  2. THE ALCHEMIST – Paulo Coelho
    While traveling, most travelers are searching for some meaning or awakening on these adventures, whether it is of a purposeful existence or a spiritual nature, but during these busy adventures we end up discovering a piece of ourselves that was unknown to us. The inspirational fable by the Brazilian author of a young shepherd boy through the south of Spain dreaming about finding a treasure but ends up finding that it was his destiny that was a treasure. Varga, a known travel vlogger, reveals, “Coelho shows us the journey that matters—a journey of lessons and charming stories of snakes, love, dunes, and alchemy.”

    The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho
  3. THE LOST CITY of Z – David Grann
    This gem in the category of travel book seeks to find out what happens to a South American explorer, Percy Fawcett, who had trekked through the jungles and tresses of Amazon to search for the fabled lost city of Z.  David Grann presents a blend of history, biography and travelogue in an intertwined information of Percy’s life and expeditions to understand the history and story behind the myth of the lost city and the possibility of the existence of an advanced civilization in the woven jungles of Amazon. With this book, there is a lot to be learned about the region and history of cultures and would make you want to witness these with your own eyes!

  4. A WOMAN ALONE: TRAVEL TALES FROM AROUND THE GLOBE – Christina Henry de Tessan and others
    The idea of a journey that has a sheer number of “what ifs” and the absence of companions is a daunting task for most travelers. But to conquer the fears and worries of exploring countries and cities alone and to gain encouragement for such solo trips, A Woman Alone guides you through this and makes you do it on your terms. The short travel narratives of various women will transport you to these destinations with them and explore places like India, Japan, and Las Vegas. Even if this book does not inspire you to do it solo, it would make you want to travel. It is a good read and a go-to book for any new adventure, creating a spark in your travel life. The stories are so relatable, real, transparent and uplifting that it will give you the much-needed push to face and overcome your fears and see the world in all its glory.
    Sometimes, people are so enthralled and enchanted by the idea of travel that they grab every opportunity of vacation that helps them detox and satiate their never-ending need for traveling. They even can set out to create a nomadic life and sacrifice assets, both personal and professional. This book teaches you what exactly it takes for people to build a sustained life on the road and carry out non-stop. For all those planning trips longer than their Christmas vacation need to read and learn from this book about how to manage a budget with such extensive travels and even to change your outlook towards money and comfort in your life.

You cannot miss reading the aforementioned top 5 travel books as they can help you with a lot. Traveling is fun and must be undertaken by all, but there are things to be taken care of, which makes it important for you to read travel-related books. Give them a read and share your reviews with the world!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Top 5 Books On Travel To Read
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