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A woman CEO is a perfect embodiment of the phrase “Beauty with Brains”. The contemporary management leader of today knows what she wants, optimistic, and enthralling to her team members. She is always on the motivational side, inspires the people around with her persona, and brings a positive aura to the crowd. She defines style with careful choice of accessories, clothing and appearance as well. In today’s modern world, the woman CEO needs to give exclusive care for appearance along with her groundbreaking ideas. For such guidance, it is always good to look at top women CEOs for style advice as such ideas are proven to work and attained positive results. It is interesting to note that style is not just about the looks but also about how a woman CEO deals with tricky situations:

  1. Be Honest about Strengths and Weaknesses: A woman CEO is a human being after all. She needn’t be invincible 24/7. Former Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg agrees to this fact. She says that a CEO shouldn’t shy away from looking for a shoulder to cry on and she admits to have taken the help of Mark Zuckerberg at many such instances. Sheryl is of the opinion that once we embrace our weaknesses with the same conviction as strengths, we tend to evolve as a better leader.
  2. Now is the Right Time to Try: Helen Gurley Brown, the editor of the world’s famous fashion magazine Cosmopolitan says that the current moment is the best instance to try out something new. She says that being proactive in thought and implementation actually brings out good results. So dear women CEOs, don’t wait for the ideal moment to start a new project or implement a new idea!
  3. Have Self-Time: The life of a woman CEO can get overwhelming with never-ending deadlines, constant work pressure and the to-do list always gets on the nerves.  Ellen Alemany, Chairwoman and CEO of CIT Group, emphasize on CEOs taking some time off from the regular routine. She personally loves to indulge in a morning walk or play with a dog to de-stress herself out from the monotony. Women CEOs need to find out the best activity which rejuvenates them for taking up better challenges.
  4. Be Involved- No Matter What it is: There are certain tasks which CEOs have to face that are on the obligatory front. But Cindy Barshop, the CEO of Completely Bare High-Tech Spa thinks the other way around. She says that if you are dwelling into a bit of charity, don’t do it for namesake.  Make sure that you spend ample time in understanding the makings of it get really motivated about it. Doing things for obligation actually drains out a lot of self and that is not good for the overall wellbeing.
  5. Intuition is Your Friend: Running a business is not an easy ball game because the CEO needs to carefully think about the pros and cons of each decision that is made. But sometimes, intuition acts as a powerful tool. Patti Stanger, the founder of Millionaire’s Club International strongly believes in the power of intuition.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Advisory - Expert Advice From Top Business Women Of The World
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