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Top Destinations to Visit in the World to Witness Rainfall

Nature itself is the greatest teacher for us in terms of philosophy and getting the best out of life. Rain, in particular, has much more than it meets the eye. While on the outer shell, the drizzly rainfall challenges our visual senses and also the soothing sound of drops, there are much deeper layers to the phenomenon. The breathtaking black clouds which occupy the sky, the thunderous lightning, the sudden change of breeze which becomes all the more comforting are some of such inner aspects of it. Perhaps this is the reason why creative minds such as writers, philosophers, musicians and travelers, of course, found bliss in rainfall. For that very reason, we bring you the list of top destinations in the world to witness sublime rainfall:

  1. Emei Shan, China:  Located at 5,787 feet above the sea level, this marvelous place is enveloped with tall trees and everything nature One can listen to the soothing sound of rain throughout the year during the visit to Emei Shan. Also, visit the hilltop shrines namely Baoguo Temple and Wannian Temple and watch the snowy beauty of the west and lush greenery of the plains from Qingyin Pavilion and the Golden Summit.  The serene place reverbs with Buddhist chanting, music, meticulous architecture and treasured paintings in the mountain.
  2. Puu Kukui, Hawaii: Also regarded as the hills of enlightenment, Puu Kukui has a spiritual edge associated with it.  With richness in flora and fauna, this watershed preserve is a treasure trove of 300 species of rare plants including koa and ohi. Along with magical rainfall, the travelers can also indulge in hiking through 10,000 years old of vegetative growth and also getting the splash of cool waters and surprising drizzles.
  3. Mount Waialeale, Hawaii: The second wettest place of the earth never fails to enthrall the tourists with plush greenery and whiff of fresh air. The mountain range here is downright beautiful but also carry an air of mystery. Guardian Falls is one of the most famous destinations here to enjoy a splash of water. The forests here are dense with a lot of rare species for the traveler’s delight. Another tourist attraction here is the Blue Hole which is formed by the waterfalls running through the walls of the mountain and regarded as the Weeping Wall.
  4. Agumbe, Karnataka, India: Termed as Cherrapunji of South India, Agumbe is a breathtaking destination to experience rainfalls.  Spot rare plants such as Garcinia, Myristica, Listsea and Ficus here. The hill-station is also noted for many naturally occurring waterfalls including Kunchikal Falls, Barkana Falls,Abbi Falls, and Jogigundi Falls.  For all the trekking enthusiasts, Agumbe offers fantastic trails to witness the rainy sunsets. Interestingly, the sunset point in Agumbe gives a magical view of the Arabian Sea and much of the countryside around.
  5. Debundscha, Cameroon:  Mount Cameroon here is an active volcano with a tropical rainforest around. However, the cool windy weather adds to the rainfall effect which is so prevalent. Visit the Kribi beach resort where one can rejuvenate at the best. Also, indulge in Lobe Waterfalls, and walk near Bipindi and Lolodorf to meet the pygmies.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Travel - Top Destinations to Visit in the World to Witness Rainfall
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