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Magical Destinations In Northern Europe To Witness In Your Lifetime

Northern Europe is one of those fantastic destinations which is pristine, breathtaking, and wonderful to look at. The brilliant destinations are mesmerizing which rejuvenates mind,body and soul.From snowcapped mountains to swift waterfalls, Northern Europe has it literally all. The region is also known for laid-back living such as Hygge which has become a worldwide phenomenon. Even for the foodie lovers, northern Europe is a fantastic region to visit. Here is the list of magical scenic destinations in Northern Europe:

  1. Lapland, Finland: Head to this place for stark white landscapes, northern lights, and reindeer population that excels humans. Finnish Lapland is an enchanted and frozen fairytale in real life. Try a hand in staying at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel where one is welcomed with a hot mug of glogg and can catch up with magnificent views. The ideal season to watch the midnight sun in summer.
  2. Lofoten Islands, Norway: Off the northwestern coast,  it takes time and energy to get to the place. One can see the clear blue waters that rival Mediterranean and craggy mountains which resemble the pristine areas of Iceland. Also, watch the unparalleled fjords and frozen beaches.

  3. Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland: Hexagonal basalt columns rising from the sea was a remnant of an actual causeway built by giants.  It was actually formed by a volcanic eruption some 50-60 million years ago. Irrespective of the legend that surrounds it, this outward site showcases nature at its best self.

  4. Kirkjufell, Iceland: The dazzling Church Mountain is the most photographed mountain.It is also the best Northern Lights in the country.  Another attraction is-it has been an important filming location for the season 7 in all-time favorite TV series Game of Thrones. Get a marvelous landscape view from hilltop ever.

  5. Zlatni Rat, Croatia: Out of all the beaches in this region, this beach stands out because of its unique shape. The golden cape is a popular spot for skiing, windsurfing, and stand-up paddleboarding for all the sports enthusiasts.  But if you prefer to chill out, sit still at the Adriatic Sea ‘s impossibly turquoise waters and attain bliss.

  6. Copenhagen, Denmark: Known for the laid-back living philosophy Hygge, Denmark is also home for amazing dairy products and food. This destination is one of the prettiest seasides in the region and amazing to look at. However, there is much more to discover in this city with castles, streets,  stunning gardens, and don’t forget to grab a bite of Danish pastries.

  7. Stockholm, Sweden: This charming capital city comprises of 14 islands in which most of them are surrounded by water and connected artistically by bridges and illuminating with the setting sun. Being a place of one million inhabitants, to get an urbane scenic feel of Northern Europe, this is the right place to be.

  8. Alesund, Norway: Watch out for scenic architectural marvels in this enchanting city of Northern Europe. The city is a perfect example of resilience when it was rebuilt after a fire in the year 1904, it has managed to retain the authenticity and breathtaking charm.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Magical Destinations In Northern Europe To Witness In Your Lifetime
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