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Here Are 25 Of The Most Hated Industries In America For 2019

The “pharmaceutical industry” has unseated the “federal government” as the most poorly regarded industry in America for 2019, that’s according to a national ranking by Gallup. Americans are more than twice as likely to rate the pharmaceutical industry negatively (58%) as positively (27%), giving it a net-positive score of -31.

Americans continue to give their highest ratings to the restaurant industry (No. 1) and the computer industry (No. 2), while the grocery industry (No.3 ); farming and agriculture (No. 4); and travel industry (No. 5) also rank near the top of the list.

Other industries that rank the top 10 “most well-regarded industry sectors in the U.S.,” include accounting, automobile, retail; real estate, and banking. Based on these findings as well as some of our observations, here are 25 of the most hated industries in America.

RankIndustryTotal positiveNeutralTotal NegativeNet positive
1Pharmaceutical industry271558-31
2The federal government252352-27
3Healthcare industry381448-10
4Advertising and public relations industry333234-1
5Oil and gas industry3925363
6The legal field3534305
7Television and radio industry4027328
9Internet industry43263013
10Movie industry41312813
11Publishing industry39362415
12Telephone industry42322616
13Airline industry42322319
14Sports industry45292520
15Electric and gas utilities47282423
17Real estate industry49311930
18Retail industry50281931
19Automobile industry53291835
21Travel industry52351339
22Farming and agriculture58241741
23Grocery industry58271543
24Computer industry61281150
25Restaurant industry6625858

Which one do you hate the most?

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Sophie Ireland

Sophie Ireland

Contributors Editor
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