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How To Select Your Perfect Business Suit?

Whether you are heading towards a business meeting or attending a press conference, a well-fitted business suit is vital to leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet. Furthermore, a dapper business suit elevates your confidence and makes your presence felt by everyone. But purchasing a suit can be an overwhelming task with many options available in the market. Therefore, we have brought to you a small guide which will assist you in nailing the suit game.

Perfect Fit

A wrong fit is completely unflattering on any body type. A suit with loose-fitting can give you stocky and stubby appearance with a lot of unnecessary room in your clothes. On the other hand, a tightly fitted outfit can make it difficult to breathe or restrict your movements. Although most off the rack suits can be tailored to fit your size, a suit with the ill-fitting shoulder cannot be mended. Shoulder seams of any outfit should be precise of the length of your shoulder. Again excessive padding must be avoided.

The Slim Fit

The slim fit suits offer you tighter silhouettes, which give you a slimming effect are trending in the corporate world. They are shorter in style than traditional suits, have much leaner fit around the chest and are accompanied by trousers with tapered legs. These trousers have slimmer hem opening and fall higher up on the ankle or shoe and do not touch the shoe.


  1. a) A three buttoned suit was in trend during the 1990s but can be still found in the market. It makes you look more stuffy as it creates a V-shaped region much higher on your chest. The gentleman can sport it with taller physiques as it produces an elongating effect.
  2. b) A two buttoned suit can be found everywhere today. With more extended lapels and deeper neck, it is more flattering on most of the body types. The deep ‘V’ makes your torso appear more elongated and gives you an attractive image.
  3. c)  A suit with a single button is a smart and trendy choice that gives a contemporary twist to traditional attire. Many people see it as a cool option, but it may not be suitable for everyone as it has a much more deeper neckline.

The Lining

The lining that is present on the inner side of the suits provides structure and adds weight to it. Such suits are warmer, heavier and seat well on the body. The designer business suits come with linings made from silk or linen while affordable counterparts have linens made from fabrics like rayon, acetate, viscose, and polyester. You can opt for contrast colors while selecting material for lining. For instance, a black suit with a red lining, a grey suit with a blue lining or a dark brown suit with blue lining are excellent examples of using contrast shades. Otherwise, you can adopt a monochrome theme by selecting a darker or lighter shade of the same color as that of the suit for elegant and classy attire.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - How To Select Your Perfect Business Suit?
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