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6 Brilliant Android App Ideas That Will Make Huge Bucks

Whenever someone thinks of beginning a startup, a flow of thoughts rushes in their mind. A lot of app ideas makes rounds, and suddenly you come up with your ultimate app idea. It doesn’t matter if you are coming up with an Android app idea or iPhone app idea. All that matters is bringing out the best one.

You need to sweat out, come up with better product design for the things to work out. Even after that, you cannot heave a sigh of relief, as the app’s launch and its success will continue to bug you. And when your app is finally launched, it’s longevity in the app market will keep you under constant strain.

So, now you see how crucial it is to have a perfect app idea.

What Does Stats Say?

Millennials today spent more than half of their day in browsing their smartphones. As per reports presented by Statista, mobile apps are anticipated for generating the valuation of 188.9 billion US dollars through in-app advertising and app stores. The figure itself speaks why you need to invest in the mobile app business. But for that, you need to figure out how you can surprise your audience.

Unique App Ideas That You Can Work Upon

Coming up with an app idea is an easy task. But having a brilliant app idea is a must. The digital space we are living in today is highly app-focused. None of our works are accomplished without utilizing the apps. Leveraging this opportunity, the app makers are now coming up with different types of apps that are meeting all the user requirements.

Let’s Check Out Some Of The Unique App Ideas That You Can Practically Apply:

  1. Buy And Sell App
    Buy and sell app is one of the trendings at the app’s market at present. With the maximum number of people dealing with old products, this type of apps are highly utilized. As soon as you open the app, you can see the different types of items that are on sale. By using appropriate filters, you can see the price of the item. You can choose the item which you feel like buying as per the price and details of the item. Similar is the process of selling. You can just post a picture of the item that you want to sell. If any interested person clicks on your item add, you will get an instant notification.
  2. Food Distribution Or Donation App
    It has always been taught by our old school books, “you should never waste your food”. Thanks to the food donation apps through which donating leftover food has become much easier.
    Leftover food from functions, parties and get-together could be stored in a clean place and could be transferred to the people in camps, charities, homeless shelters and other food pantries. This type of app is one of the best ways to ensure that you are not wasting any food. If you feel like distributing your leftover food, then you can just check the app and click on the donate button. An experienced professional in local food handling process would come to your place and take the leftover food from your doorstep.
  3. Invoicing App
    How often do you find yourself sitting in your desk and worrying about your tax payment? One of the best android app ideas for managing your expense could be invoicing app or blockchain tax app. Through this app, users can calculate the amount of tax that they need to pay as per their income. Also, the app ensures that you are paying the right amount of tax. It also helps in generating invoices which helps to eliminate your business hassles. This type of app has proven to be very helpful for both small and large business enterprises.
  4. On-Demand Apps
    People are now very much accustomed to immediate services. Most of the apps today are on-demand apps. Taxi, repairs, food delivery, cleaning, and shopping are some of the popular industries which have ventured into on-demand apps.  If you’re hungry then utilize the instant food delivery and get your favorite food delivered right at your doorstep. If you need to reach somewhere, you just need to book a cab of your choice and reach your designated destination on time. On-demand apps make everything available right at your fingertips. Competition for the on-demand app is much higher than any other app. That is the reason why entrepreneurs are investing more in on-demand apps and winning over their customers.
  5. Tours And Travel App
    Finding tourist spots in an alien land is indeed a difficult task. That is the reason why we had physical guides before. But thanks to the smarter move of digitalization that now we have portable guides in the form of the smartphone with us. The app will point out all the famous restaurants, tourist spots and other popular destination in that particular location. Also, such apps are now installed with AR and VR feature, so that it becomes easier for the users to navigate their way.
  6. Dating Apps
    These days, dating apps are getting quite popular. Apps like ‘Tinder’ is the best example of a dating app. With the maximum number of people hooked into the internet, dating apps are being highly utilized by people who are looking for partners in real-life. These type of apps provides the user with the freedom to brand other people from the list. When the users rank each other with exactly the same comments, both of them gets notified. If they find each other interesting and form a kind of liking, then they may go for dating.
  7. Language App
    Language apps are currently very popular amongst the students and people who have the urge to learn a new language. This type of app has actually eliminated the presence of a physical classroom. With online language app, users are now able to grasp the foreign language very easily.
    With a language app in your hands, you are free to learn anywhere and anytime. Also, the cost of learning a new language through these types of the app is much cheaper than enrolling inexpensive online courses and language schools.

Although these are some of the app ideas which you can actually work upon, you can always consult an app development company to get the pro tips.

The best app development company know all the quintessential of getting a perfect app developed.

So, choose your app idea wisely, which is not an only viable one, but also addresses a particular problem.

Written by Swarnendu De.

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