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Top 5 Festivals To Experience In Asian Countries

The diversity in Asia is beyond comparison. You get to notice different cultures and traditions all around. No matter where you go to within Asia, you will always have unforgettable festivals upcoming. The local festivities are a sight to behold and as a traveler, they will give you the authentic depiction of the place. Many interesting festivals keep on happening all over the continent all the time, and the following are the top 5 festivals to experience in Asian countries.

  1. Holi in India
    Holi is one of the most celebrated festivals of India and usually takes place in March. It signifies the triumph of superior over immoral, along with the advent of spring in the country. You will notice heaps of herbal color called “gulaal” at every market in the country at this time. “Pichkaris” are used to spray water at others and have a good time. During Holi, the whole country is colored in vibrant colors and people dress in whites and douse each other in the water and every color possible. It is a festival filled with enthusiasm and zeal. So gear up, because you are not going home very tidy this day.

  2. Chinese New Year in Singapore
    Singapore is a place you cannot miss when you are planning to travel to Asia, especially during the Chinese New Year. Although this festival is celebrated at various places by the Chinese community, no places match the excitement and jubilant events of Singapore. Various symbols are put on people`s houses, signifying good luck and fortune for all. On this day, people exchange gifts and you indisputably cannot fail to notice lion dances, dragon dances, parades with customary melodic instruments, lantern celebrations, fireworks display, people going crazy by striking bamboo sticks together to make as much noise as possible, and what not!

  3. The Rainforest World Music Festival in Borneo
    Once you are awestruck with the bands from all over the world, in a rainforest, the indigenous Dayak groups will give you cultural representations to leave you flabbergasted. It is a three-day festival which has been felicitated as one of the best 25 world music festivals for six consecutive years along with many other awards. It also promotes the use of many traditional instruments and creating world-class music, which will make you wish that the festival never ends.

  4. Diwali in India
    This is the festival to experience if you want to watch glimmering and magnificent lighting and religious recitals on a grand scale. This is the time when India the most lit up and enthusiastic. Diwali is the festival when every building that you can imagine is decorated with lights, lanterns, and diyas. Every bazaar is at its festival sale, and the festivities go on for around a week. The festival is one of the biggest religious festivals of India and celebrates the victory of good over evil. Sweets, family gatherings, lights, and firecrackers are what you can see all around and you will undoubtedly fall in love with India during this time.

  5. Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea
    Since you have already enjoyed water splashes, parades, musical celebrations, and glimmering lights, it’s time to get a little muddy. The mud festival, or the “Mudfest”, in Boryeong, South Korea, is the most well-known festival there. If you want to experience some conventional mud-fighting and mud-wrestling, this festival is the right choice for you. The festival began in a very simple tone – to promote cosmetics made from mud. Trucks of mud are kept at the beach for people to go insane in a not-so-civilized manner. You can find mud pits, mud pools, even mud baskets during this festival. The not-so-dirty events include Firecracker Show, Black Eagles Show, and a couple of others.

The cultural and religious festivals in Asia are truly fascinating and worth indulging in. They depict the lifestyle of the people along with their beliefs. Since Asia leaves you spoilt for choices when it comes to festivals to experience, we suggest you pick one of the aforementioned top 5 festivals to experience in Asian countries and indulge yourself in a remarkable experience!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Top 5 Festivals To Experience In Asian Countries
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