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These Are The 10 Best-Paid Jobs For Fresh College Graduates In The UK, 2019

Veterinarians are highest-paid fresh college graduates in the United Kingdom, according to new data released by Indeed. Veterinary science students commanding an average salary of £31,636 on graduation.

Close behind are property management consultants, who enjoy a typical starting salary of £31,362, followed by Development operations engineers (£30,593), Senior structural engineers (£30,168), and Actuary (£30,153).


THESE are the ten best-paid jobs for students fresh out of university.

  1. Veterinarian
    Average starting salary: £31,636
  2. Property management consultant
    Average starting salary: £31,362
  3. Development operations engineer
    Average starting salary: £30,593
  4. Senior structural engineer
    Average starting salary: £30,168
  5. Actuary
    Average starting salary: £30,153
  6. Python developer
    Average starting salary: £29,934
  7. Recruiting co-ordinator
    Average starting salary: £29,900
  8. Full-stack developer
    Average starting salary: £29,711
  9. C++ developer
    Average starting salary: £29,105
  10. Safety Consultant
    Average starting salary: £28,382

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