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4 Things You Should NOT Do In Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, commonly known as Saudi Arabia, is one of the most prominent countries in the Middle East. It currently is the biggest economy in the entire region and is also the 18th largest in the whole world. However, what makes Saudi Arabia more interesting is the fact that it has a rich history comprising ancient cultures and civilizations. If you did not know already, it was here in Saudi Arabia that Islam emerged and flourished.

Of course, there is more to Saudi Arabia than what I have mentioned above. However, we cannot summarise everything in a short piece of article. What we can do is to know whether it is a good place to travel—and well, yes, it is. Every country has some or other thing to offer, and Saudi Arabia has plenty of them.

This being said, Saudi Arabia is not like most of the countries we find in the West or East. It is highly conservative and controlled by the monarchy. Hence, you can easily expect multitudes of restrictions not only on the residents but also on travelers. In this article, I am going to talk about a few of them.

Here are 4 things you must not do when you are here in Saudi Arabia:

  1. No Pork
    Well, I know it hurts because pork is yum, but you must not consume pork here in Saudi Arabia. Why? Well, in Islam, pork is not allowed for consumption. This ban is applicable to everyone, irrespective of any religion you belong to.
    But, you should not feel disappointed because if not pork you can try out delicious regional-favorite foods. They will make you eat to your heart’s content! Try Saleeg, Maqluba, and Majboos—you will fall in love with them instantly.
  2. There is no Valentine’s Day Here
    If you happen to be here during Valentine’s week, then you should seriously take note of what is coming.
    People do not celebrate Valentine’s day here because it is considered un-Islamic. In fact, shops are prohibited from selling red roses, or anything heart-shaped on that day. Also, do not wear anything red on that day.
    Oh, by the way, this is not just without any substance—there are laws which enforce these prohibitions. So, while you might want to express all the love you have, you might not want to do it here in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Overboard Photography
    Of course, we all want to capture as much as we can when we are in a new location. We need to give some really good pictures for our Instagram followers to like and comment. But, here in Saudi Arabia, you are not totally free when it comes to clicking pictures.
    There are certain rules you must abide by, for example, you cannot click pictures of local people without permission (but, this is basic etiquettes). Let me give you a better example, you cannot take pictures of official buildings such as military installments or government buildings. Also, do not point your camera where women are,
  4. Do Not Drink and Fly
    If you are flying to Saudi Arabia, do not drink alcohol on the flight. You will be checked once you land here, and if found guilty of consumption of alcohol, there is a price to pay. Well, actually, the price is quite steep considering you will be thrown into jail.
    You cannot bring alcohol to the country, as well. So, do not dare to sneak into a bottle because you will regret it all your life.

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