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Profile: Facts About Victoria’s Secret You Should Know

In the world of lingerie for women, there is one name which stands out among others—Victoria’s Secret. It is the biggest lingerie brand in the United States and has a worldwide presence. In fact, Victoria’s Secret is equated with quality lingerie products all over the world—and with its beautiful “Angels” sashaying its products on ramps, Victoria’s Secret is as glamorous as it sounds.

Despite being a global brand, there are many things which you might not know. In this post, I have compiled few facts about Victoria’s Secret which may not be within your knowledge. In case they are, read along anyway and refresh your memory about one of the biggest brands in the world.

So, without further ado, here are those facts:

  1. Lingerie Worth Millions
    Yeah, you read it right. Victoria’s Secret is known for many things, but one of the most shocking facts about it is that its lingerie collection includes those valued in millions. Its models are known to wear ridiculously expensive bras on ramps, and this trend began with the model Claudia Schiffer, who wore a bra worth one million dollars in the year 1996.
    The expensive collection has lingerie studded with precious jewels such as diamonds, rubies and what not. Today, the brand’s models wear bras easily breaching the ten million dollars mark.
  2. It Takes Technology Very Seriously
    In this 21st century, smart business requires sincere consideration and implementation of technology. Customers love it when there is innovation, and Victoria’s Secret understands this very well.
    The brand came out with, what is called, the “Incredible by Victoria’s Secret”. It is a sports bra which is not just your ordinary sports bra. It comes fitted with a heart rate sensor, which is known to have compatibility with most heart rate monitors. Yeah, this is the age of digital bra, and you can have it at a price of seventy dollars.
  3. The Perfect Body?
    There is no denying that Victoria Secret’s models are known for their ultra-thin body structure, which is often looked up to in the fashion industry, There are many in the public who do not appreciate the kind of message these models send out to people out there. While the views are divided on it, you can expect the brand to run into controversies over it once in a while.
    Back in the year 2014, the brand released an advertisement titled “The Perfect Body” which showed supermodels wearing different kinds of bras. Many took the advertisement as suggestive of a particular body type being the ideal body type. In the United Kingdom, a petition was signed, accusing the brand of engaging in body-shaming.
  4. Awkward Experience In A Departmental Store
    You might wonder how Victoria’s Secret started in the first place. The brand is the result of an awkward experience of the founder, Roy Raymond, in a departmental store to which he went to purchase lingerie for his wife. He felt that the saleswoman saw him as an unwelcomed customer, which left an impression on his mind.
    In the aftermath of the aforesaid event, Roy went on to establish his brand with the aim of creating sophisticated lingerie for women and providing a male-friendly environment in the lingerie market.
  5. It Is Not Simple Being A Victoria’s Secret Model
    If you thought that those models are what they appear, then you might want to read along.
    Most of these models are made up from head to toe before hitting the ramp walk. They wear fake eyelashes, hair extensions, and are airbrushed which eliminates uneven skin tone and others. Their bodies are tanned from top to bottom, which, if you did not know already, takes hours to get done with.
  6. No “Victoria” When It All Started
    There is no one named Victoria who inspired Roy. The founder simply liked the idea of suffixing the word “Victoria” with “Secret” to give it a rich and sophisticated English tone. It was the intention of the founder to convey a high-end vibe surrounding the brand’s lingerie—and well, we can say that it worked out quite well.
  7. Who are Victoria’s Secret ‘Angels’?Victoria’s Secret has established a very tight-knit, selected group of models to act as the faces of its campaign, known as the Victoria Secret Angels. These Angels are officially given their ‘wings’ when they are selected to walk in the company’s annual show.

    Current Victoria’s Secret Models

    Barbara Palvin, Hungary
    Alexina Graham, United Kingdom
    Grace Elizabeth, United States
    Leomie Anderson, United Kingdom
    Taylor Hill, United States
    Stella Maxwell, New Zealand
    Romee Strijd, Netherlands
    Martha Hunt, United States
    Sara Sampaio Portugal
    Josephine Skriver, Denmark
    Jasmine Tookes, United States
    Elsa Hosk, Sweden
    Lais Ribeiro, Brazil
    Lily Aldridge, United States
    Behati Prinsloo, Namibia
    Candice Swanepoel, South Africa

  8. Who is Victoria and what’s her Secret?
    The name may be Victoria’s Secret, but in reality the lingerie company has not much to do with any famous Victoria or her secret.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - Profile: Facts About Victoria’s Secret You Should Know
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