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Top 5 Ways To Earn Extra Pocket Money During College

University Students

Whether it is for paying off your student loan, or just for plain old shopping, it never hurts to make some extra bucks during your college years.

And here’s the deal, whatever you tell yourself about not having enough time or skills, it’s all invalid here.

This is a list of ways to earn money that absolutely any college student can follow.

  1. Rent your things: Whether you have a room to spare or a brand new guitar that you just never came around to learning, you can virtually be renting everything under the sun. Spread the word that you are open to renting your stuff and watch money flow your way. Some of the most sought after things that people like to rent are camping gear, vehicles, jewellery and rooms.
    You can even rent your high-end clothing like a bridesmaid dress or a tux, or even some fancy jeans for a good amount of money. This is one of the best methods of passive income for college students, which requires very low effort and time from your side.
  2. Drive: If you’re not interested in renting your vehicle, you could just be paid for driving it in your free time! There are so many apps these days where you can offer your chauffeuring skills in exchange of money. Just being an Uber driver can add some good amount of bucks in your wallet. Just a couple of hours of your free time every day and the money is sure to stack up. Working on holidays is especially beneficial, since more people would be searching for a ride on these days, while you would also be free to work for the entire day. Ka-ching!Taxi
  3. House Sittin: This is one of the easiest on the list. A lot of people are willing to pay a responsible person a reasonable sum of money just for staying in their home and keeping an eye at things while the owners are out of town. This would possibly involve watering their plants, collecting their mail, feeding and walking their pets. There are a lot of websites that connect potential house sitters like you to homeowners.
    One of the good things about this mode of making money is that you’re not actually occupied with any reasonable work here, while you’re watching somebody’s house. Hence, you can do your college homework while house sitting so that the grades don’t suffer while you’re making all this money.
  4. Editing and Proofreading: If English is your strong suit, this is just the job for you. For tonnes of students in university, writing papers and essays is one of the most tedious tasks, so they look to outsource it. This is particularly the case when English is not the first language of a student. This is where you come in! If you have good writing skills, you can offer your services to your peers as an editor or a proof-reader for their assignments. It’s really a win-win.Essays Writing
  5. Start your own blog: Blogging can be an amazing source of income, if you’re willing to put in the time. The best thing about this option is that you can work at your own time and speed anywhere you want. It’s not the easiest way of making money, but blogging in itself has plethora of ways to make you money. Once you’ve built yourself a stable audience (which will take a little time), things will only get better. You can advertise products or become an affiliate for other people’s products, or even sell your own product! Then there is money from Google AdSense, which is essentially getting money out of the ads Google chooses to display on your blog. It does take its time but it eventually, quite literally, pays off!
  6. Trade- In Your Old Tech to make some money!
    Another great way to earn some more cash is to sell any old phones, tablets or tech that you, your family & roomies have lying around. A great place to do that is SellCell are the US’s largest price comparison site for people that want to sell their old phones and electronics. The site compares all of the US’s leading BuyBack companies to get you the very best price for your old device. Indeed they guarantee that if another site beats them on price they offer a best price guarantee. If you find a price higher on another site they will refund double the difference back. So don’t hang onto old devices and declutter those drawers and make some extra money to put back in your pocket today!

There are a plethora of other methods you can try your hand at for earning some quick cash – filling online surveys, getting stuff recycled, shovelling snow, selling old textbooks or even babysitting. The trick is to be both creative and opportunistic. And who knows, while doing any and every sort of odd jobs, you might actually find something that really sticks with you!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top 5 Ways To Earn Extra Pocket Money During College
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