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Top 5 Tips To Go About Building Your CV In College

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We live in an exceedingly competitive world. A lot of students are under the impression that a good GPA is all there is towards getting hold of that dream job. Today, just belonging to a great university and having stellar grades isn’t always enough. The job market today is tougher than ever, and undergraduates today are realising the importance of a solid CV to set themselves apart from others in terms of work experience and other things to impress the recruiters.

Here are a few tips for you to ramp up your CV game.

  • Add Education to the top:Conventionally, the education section of a CV is at the bottom; however, since you’re still a student, you’re better off keeping it at the top. Make sure you mention the academic laurels you’ve achieved throughout the years, your extra-curricular activities, extra courses etc. If you’ve achieved anything exceptional in a particular class, don’t hesitate to mention it! The whole point is to display how you stand out from other people. As you continue to gain new work experience, you can keep adding it above your educational qualifications and merits.
  • Start Interning at places relevant to your career: Getting an internship is way easier than you think. It always boils down to being able to convince the recruiter of how dedicated you are and how you have the skill set for the job. In most of the cases, it doesn’t matter if you have the actual know-how of the job itself. They don’t really expect you to be an expert, but surely a good learner.
    Interning can be amazing for gaining a real world experience and expanding network. Remember, a huge part of business is one’s network. So wherever you choose to intern, make sure you are in the good books of your boss and co-workers. Plus, good performance in an internship at a great company can even land you a job offer from them!University Students
  • Take courses specific to your industry: While signing up for new courses in the upcoming semester, make sure to definitely sign up for courses that centre on the industry you wish to be a part of. Employers really like seeing that you’re actively taking up courses that help your case in an industry. This makes you look like a person who has a plan and who is determined towards it.
    However, that doesn’t mean you do not take up courses that aren’t directly related to your field of interest. You must actively be involved in building new skills that might indirectly come in handy to your target industry. Taking up courses like that of management, marketing, web development, effective communication will take you a long way.University Students
  • Be active on campus: One of the best things about college is that it is always bustling with activities. There is absolutely no excuse for you to be inactive during activities that will bear fruit to you. Sign up for free seminars and certificate courses, volunteer, join a club and organize events. Not only will this shine on your CV, you’ll build good relations with the people you’ll be working with, and networking never hurts! Plus, this demonstrates on your CV that you handle your academics very smoothly with your extracurricular.University Students
  • Get your CV reviewed by the MVPs! You’ve worked so hard in building entries for your CV, be it volunteering at an event or joining a club and working your way up to a good position, and making good relations with some of the most successful seniors in your college. Now what good would be this hard work if your CV is very sloppily written? Don’t hesitate to take help as you’re just at the starting of your career. Approach professors and college seniors who are very active and ahead in the game already and make them review your CV and do the changes they suggest. You have no clue how far their little advices will get you!University Students

There is no ‘right age’ of finally drafting your own CV. Whether you’re a freshman at college or you’re still in school, we are certain that if you start building your CV right away, your future self will thank you for it! When you’re armed with a good CV, you will always be prepared for any potential opportunity of internships, fellowships or even part time work, which will add on to your experience and help you in getting the edge over the crowd. So here’s to taking the first step of taking your career seriously— start building a CV; and make a point to follow the aforementioned tips religiously!

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