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7 Οf Τhe Βest Τrain Journeys In The World, 2019

The Bergen Railway (Oslo), Norway

Out of all journeys in the world, train occupies a very special place because of the poetic impact it has on the traveler. The way landscapes can be seen through a train window is totally different and exciting compared to a regular mode of transport.

Because of this very reason, many poets, writers, artists and even businessmen found inspiration to work on something great during train journeys. The best train journey is one important action in every traveler’s bucket list.

After some in-depth research on this intriguing topic in partnership with the world’s top yacht charter company Cosmos Yachting, we bring the list of the best train journeys in the world – which a traveler cannot afford to miss.

The best train journeys in the world, 2019:

  1. The Bergen Railway (Oslo), Norway: This amazing link between Norway’s bustling capital Oslo to the second biggest city on the west coast is a magical mother nature indulgence. Witness the chilling cold, watch the largest eroded plain in Europe named Hardangervidda as well. The rock formations during the journey are almost 1.5 billion years old. If you have more time, try the detour off the main railway to watch the waterfall splattered fjord-village side of Flam.
  2. Northern Explorer, New Zealand: The North Island Main Trunk Railway has rich history which was finished in the year 1908. The area is quite volatile with gully-sized plateaus and active volcanoes can be witnessed during the thrilling ride. The big-windowed panorama carriages go through Hobbiton like green hills and pristine farms can be seen during the train journey.
  3. Trans-Mongolian, Russia to China: Travel in the train where the 17th-century traders used to cross Siberia carrying tea from China to Russia’s elite crowd. Crossing six time zones during the journey and penetrating unreachable areas of Asia, the Mongolian train journey is one of the greatest in the world for sure.
  4. White Pass and Yukon Railroad, Canada and USA: America is known for the Gold Rush episode in the history and witness the same in this train. Between 1899-1900, a narrow gauge track was made to cruise through this seemingly impossible terrain. The White Pass, Yukon Railroad have the brilliant tunnels which bring greatest experience. An extravagant magical landscape transformation ranging from waterfalls, glaciers, thick forests and Canadian- US border can also be witnessed during the journey.
  5. Copper Canyon Railway, Mexico: This train links the coastal town of Toplobampo and the dusty inland city of Chihuahua. It took nearly 90 years to finish this breathtaking train route. The dramatic journey comprises of 87 tunnels, 36 bridges, and sweeping hairpin bends.
  6. Cusco to Machu Picchu by PeruRail, Peru: Passing through Andean villages, the beautiful Urubamba River- this train journey is majestic in every respect. The lost city of Belmond is named after the explorer with the same name who found it in the year 1911. Board the Belmond Andean Explorer, South America’s first ever luxury sleeper.
  7. California Zephyr, USA: This amazing train is not just a mode of transport. It is a dream realized where nations unite. From the windy city of Chicago, crossing the plains and Sierra Nevada to reach the western side of USA where breathtaking coastal magic can be witnessed.

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