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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - These Are The Most Beautiful Mountain Ranges Of The World, 2019

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These Are The Most Beautiful Mountain Ranges Of The World, 2019

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

If you talk about eye candy, planet Earth has a lot to offer. From the deepest gorges of the mariana trench to the highest point of Mount Everest, Earth is replete with features and vistas that have intrigued travelers and explorers for centuries.

There are no two places in the world that are exactly alike. They may be similar in topography and geography but never the same in terms of everything. Earth as a whole therefore, can never be fully explored in one lifetime, but we can at least tell you to visit the best eye candy it has to offer in the form of mountains, before your time on this planet comes to an end. This post then, gives you the greatest and prettiest mountain ranges in the world.

Besides the staggering views and peaks mountain ranges, often spanning several states (or countries!), offer a great variety of activities. Here are the peaks you’ll definitely want to see!

These Are The Most Beautiful Mountain Ranges Of The World, 2019

  1. Swiss Alps, Switzerland.
    The first entry in our list is also a favorite among romantic couples in the world, and for good reason too. The Swiss Alps provide a romantic setting like no other. From pristine, green valleys to the Matterhorn peak itself, this is a mountain range you can absolutely not miss in your lifetime.
  2. Andes Mountains Chile and Argentina.
    Being the longest continental mountain range in the world, and home to some of the harshest living conditions (think Chile, the driest country on Earth, as part of this), the Andes range in South America is also home to the highest peaks in the world outside the Asian continent, with Mt Aconcagua rising up to 22615ft. Also notable is the the fact that some of the highest volcanoes on Earth can be found here. Some of the most ultimate visual treats in the world can be found here then.

    Andes Mountains Chile and Argentina

  3. The Himalayas, India and Nepal.
    Along with the Karakoram and the Hindu Kush mountain Ranges, this belt is the largest and the most diverse mountain range in the world. It is home to the tallest mountain peaks on the planet, 50 of the exceeding 23600ft above sea level. Many national parks and world heritage sites call the Himalayas their home, and in the rare case you didn’t know, the Himalayas are the in the bucket list of every adventure junkie worth his/her salt out there. Talk about eye candy, or visual spellbinders, there is no other place on Earth that can blow you off your feet and then some other than the Himalayas, and that’s saying something.

    Mt. Everest Base Camp Trekking

  4. Dolomite Mountains, Italy.
    Dolomites for a natural cap for the country of Italy, and as all things Italian, the Dolomites are home to surreal natural visuals and in the modern world is also a hotspot for many adventure activities like base jumping, skiing, hiking, cycling and mountain climbing. These are just distractions though, as the sheer natural beauty of the place will leave you mesmerized.

    Dolomite Mountains - village of Sesto Italy

  5. Alaska Range, Alaska, United States.
    The great wilderness of the Alaskan Range is well documented in the biopic Into The Wild (2007) which told a real life story of Christopher McCandless who lost his life out of starvation in the early 90s. That blemish aside, the Alaskan range now is every bit as beautiful as it used to be but now abuzz with human activity so your exploration doesn’t need to wander into the extremes to be able to fully enjoy it. And enjoy it you must.

    Denali (Mount McKinley), Alaska, United States

  6. Northern Japanese Alps, Japan:
    The Japanese Alps are three separate mountain ranges, the Hida Mountains (Northern Alps), Kiso Mountains (Central Alps), and Akaishi Mountains (Southern Alps).
  7. Rocky Mountains, Canada.
    Home to 5 beautiful national parks, the Canadian Rockies are a gigantic patch of Earthly heaven consisting of pointy, snowy peaks, rivers and forest that is every bit as beautiful to witness as it sounds. Their name stems from the fact that the mountains are composed of limestone and shoal, and therefore, are a perfect example of natural paradise.
  8. Sierra Nevada, United States.
    Richly steeped in American folklore and history and part of the Earth’s landscape for a million years, The Sierra Nevada Range in Western America is hard to miss, full of beauty and abuzz with a jaw dropping variety of National Parks, National monuments, watersheds, rivers, alpine lakes (Lake Tahoe comes to mind) and a plethora of communities interspersed in between. Enough said!
  9. Tien Shan, China.
    Sitting just above the Indian Himalayas and formed as a direct consequence of the collision of the Indian mainland with the rest of the Asian continent a long time ago, the Tian Shan mountain range is home to some of the tallest mountains in Asia and because of the fact that they are mostly untouched by humans, they provide a darn good view of raw Nature and its elements.
  10. Western Ghats (also known as Benevolent Mountains), India
    Running parallel to the western coast of India, this mountain range is one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet.
  11. El Caminito del Rey, Spain.
    Considered to be the most dangerous hiking trail in the world, El Caminito del Rey is frightening even to look at. Its name in Spanish means “the King’s little pathway“. The site, however, attracts many adventurers, that are determined to climb the rocks or go hiking the path.
  12. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.
    Mount Kilimanjaro is world renowned as the highest mountain in Africa, one of the famed Seven Summits. The snowy summit is known as Kipoo in Swahili, the local language. Towering at 19,340 feet, it is topped with multiple glaciers and a small (and gradually diminishing) ice field, despite being located just 190 miles south of the equator.

    Mount Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania

  13. Caucasus Mountains.
    Located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, the Caucasus Mountains are considered to divide Europe and Asia in this region.
  14. Great Dividing Range, Australia.
    Australia’s largest range and the third longest land based range in the world, the Great Dividing Range stretches for nearly 3,500 km (2,175 mi).

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - These Are The Most Beautiful Mountain Ranges Of The World, 2019
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