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Fashion Etiquette For Business Woman Over 40

Business Woman

The rules of fashion obviously undergo a change based on age and of course preferences. For a business outlook, the appearance should be even more important for women. However, with age catching up, lot of physical changes occur leading to many women worried about their appearance especially in business scenario.

Many factors such as color selection, choice of outfit, and accessories become important for women over 40. Fortunately, the wide range of customized fashion markets has made it easy for such choices.

Here are some fashion etiquette tips for business woman over 40 which makes the business day much more easily manageable:

Avoid Flashy Colors: Using flashy colors like metallic and gold is a strict no-no for women over 40 who are into business. Such flashy colors actually give a very casual impression which doesn’t suit a business set up. It also makes the public appearance look to frivolous and not put together,

Opt for Quality than Quantity: While 20s was an age where one can experiment on various kinds of clothing, 40s is the age where quality matters the most. Invest in statement pieces though they are a bit over your budget because it becomes a long term purchase. Choose easily maintainable fabrics such as linen and avoid synthetic clothing.

Choose Proportional Clothing: Based on your body type, chose proportional clothing which embraces your curves and at the same time not revealing. Make sure that too skimpy clothes are avoided especially during business meetings. Such clothing should be comfortable, easy to wear and also maintain all day.

Get Earthly: Stick to earthly and pastel colors such as black, brown and tan which comes to your rescue in any occasion. These colors can match any body type or complexion. Moreover, pastel colors actually blend effortlessly with any body type. It also brings an air of balance and elegance to your outfit.

Big No-No for Ripped Jeans: While the 20s and 30s can have a street style approach towards outfits, ripped jeans can become a huge turn off in a business set up. Moreover, it gives an over casual outlook and doesn’t go well for women over 40s. Opt for formal trousers made out of non- noisy material and which is sans gloss.

Invest in a Trench Coat: A trench coat is quite mandatory for any outfit. It actually keeps women protected from the excess cold breeze. Opt for the classy black or tan brown color which goes effectively well with every business outfit.

Footwear Care: Opt for stilettoes and peep toes with minimal exposure to foot . Do not choose overly casual flats such as flip-flops, or sneakers which gives too laid back feel. If you are not comfortable over heels, try to invest in tan brown colored moccasins or loafers which is a perfect choice.

Accessory Care: Choose utility over style for your handbags or statement jewelry. The handbag you choose should be easily accessible and also add to your overall outfit.

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