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Top Adventure Destinations Around The World

Interlaken, Switzerland

The big bucket list is here! For an adventure seeking nomad, holidays and weekends always end up in electrifying and courageous voyages. From sky plunging to mountain hiking, from diving into the deepest oceans to flying to the highest clouds, every expedition of the quest lover craves the nomad more for the dare. Below mentioned are the eight places around the world that have every jaw-dropping adventure for the brave hearts.


Queenstown, New Zealand.

Located against the Southern Alps, this province in New Zealand has Lake Wakatipu along its shores. The ‘Adventure Capital of the World’ is known for its fine vineyards and historic towns that stage every breathtaking sports and adventure. Let your adrenaline rush while you jump off from the highest canyon or raft amidst the dense cliffs. The place is suitable for year-round adventures that offer a variety of slow adventures as well like hot air balloon and river cruising.


Cape Town, South Africa.

One of the majestic experiences at this port city of South Africa is cage diving with the sharks! Yes! Cape Town is one among the few places in the world where you can watch a shark closely, and can even take a snap! You can go for snorkeling as well if you want to spend some time with the friendly seals. Other outdoor activities at Cape Town include tobogganing, parasailing and sky diving.

Cape Town, South Africa


Interlaken, Switzerland.

Located between two lakes viz. Thun and Brienz, this town in Switzerland is the gateway to the Swiss Alps. Its lofty mountains and yawning valleys make it a perfect adventure destination for numerous wanderers around the world. The arrogant hills provide a flawless slope for hiking and offer all levels of mountaineering starting from beginner’s level to the expert level.


Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The world’s largest coral reef rests in the off coast of Queensland in Australia. This vast eco-system is home to thousands of species of fishes, turtles, dolphins and many other aquatic creatures. It is one among the most sought destinations for the nomads who relish marine activities. While diving deep into the marine kingdom adds a zing to the life of the braves, a full day cruise to the various islands of the reef will deliver a perfect holiday for a family traveler as well.

Great Barrier Reef


Rishikesh, India

Set in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, this Northern Province in India backgrounds the bumpy and whirling River Ganga that lay an exhilarating path for the rafters. The sport is divided into several levels depending upon the turbidity and force of the waves. Though the initial levels are good to go, the expert levels require enormous muscle power and patience. Apart from river rafting, the unforgiving slopes of the Himalayas offer an excellent bed for rappelling, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, parasailing, and rock climbing.


Costa Rica

The deep oceans border the Central American country that is famed for its dense rainforests. The diverse variety of flora and fauna that include the resplendent quetzal and howler monkeys offer an impeccable trek in the woods. Its wide coasts, high canyons, excluded waterfalls, and active volcanoes make it a breeding ground of adventure seekers around the world. Zip lines here are the not to miss adventures that pass through the shades of Monteverde among the mistiness of the rain forests.


Vancouver, Canada.

The west coast seaport of British Columbia is a prime choice of many adventure lovers around the globe. Vancouver is home to some of the most popular hikes of the place like Brandywine meadows. The hike renders one with some gorgeous views of the alpine fields along with tall uneven peaks. The enormous valleys, hot springs and bottomless lakes of the country provide a nomad a wonderful stage for a variety of activities like mountain biking, lake hiking, rafting, and swimming.

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Vos, Norway.

The adventure capital of Norway has an assortment of adventure in its palate. Every year, Voss hosts an extreme sports festival ‘Veko’ that offer expeditions for all age groups. The expeditions include but are not limited to sky diving, biking, skiing, camping, and kayaking. Various tailored quests for the family traveller are also available in the fiesta. The spirit gets high with winter when various snow activities are organized as well.

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